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Desc:No, not that kind of coke. Submitted mostly for the preloader.
Category:Accidents & Explosions, Stunts
Tags:blood, cola, Coke, wtf, boil
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Comment count is 9
il fiore bel

3:08 on ofdasjdslaamao

i fucking lost it lmaoooooooooooooo
I look forward to my hippy aunt reposting this on Facebook from Morgan Spurlock with the words "THIS IS WHAT YOU PUT INSIDE YOUR BODY DONT DRINK CHEMICALS!!!"
I did this in high school but only gradually boiled Mountain Dew Livewire to try to get the syrup because I guess it seemed like a good idea. It just tasted like shit and didnt do that.
That's exactly the kind of Coke I was expecting.

What happens to the Coke I completely expected. What happened to the experimenter, though...
Jet Bin Fever
I kind of wish this would catch on, just so people would realize just how much sugar is in those damned things.
infinite zest
Soda's gross and all but isn't this pretty much how they make hard candy, like those little Rootbeer candies shaped like kegs so you know they're rootbeer?
yeah, more or less.

Maggot Brain
Wait, so this guy is doing it wrong. Is the real coke challenge when you make a video of you're self making crack-cocaine and seeing how long it takes for the cops to show up?
Sanest Man Alive
The other Coke Challenge, just for you:

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