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Desc:Boy records a scripted session of playing with Cars toys, and the internet is mostly nice about it.
Category:Arts, Stunts
Tags:Cars, toys, kids, playing, cyber bullies
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Comment count is 5
2 million views.
I just can't. I tried. I can't. I just can't. I won't. I musn't. Gong? Gong. GONG! Jesus kid, just stop. OH MY GOD STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING TO ME
That guy
So, basically......... if you click on the pause symbol, or the video itself, it will stop playing.

You could also just close the tab, the window, or the program.

With respect to Baleen finding something like this that has 1.9M views, I'm not going to 1-star it.

.....except in my heart.

The stick didn't fool me. This is fake.
Robert Rodrigeuz's secret love child. -1 star for the lack of graphic title, +1 star for the Toy Story reference.
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