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Desc:There will alwas be 'those guys.' And 'those guys' will being singing this song.
Category:Arts, Nature & Places
Tags:karaoke, what hell sounds like, Disturbed, choir warmups, the sickness
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Comment count is 11
That guy
I hate those guys.
Miss Henson's 6th grade class
That guy hates those guys.

I hate this song. You actually lose points with me if you like this song. Maybe only one or two, but still...
Come on get up and/or then get down with an unspecified illness. See a doctor.

Adham Nu'man
What if I hate this song but like the Richard Cheese version. Can we be friends?

1. You have no idea how much I fuckin hate that guy.
2. Its spelled karaoke
thanks- i was drunk.

Caminante Nocturno
Neil Cicierega is literally the only person in all of existence who as ever done anything good with this song.
Plus they're all doing it wrong.
Maggot Brain
Isn't more like "Bwoom'ah, 'ah, 'ah" with the "ahs' with a heavy glottal stop?

I made it to :03. I win the endurance trophy, right?
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