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Desc:Man loses
Category:Horror, Stunts
Tags:Burger King, bacon, inevitability, gluttony, abusing the system
Submitted:Killer Joe
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Comment count is 23
Killer Joe
You can get get 10 or so strips on the burger for 100 yen, you see.
Or you could just inject mercury into your veins and die even faster.
il fiore bel
What's with the negative language? Bacon always wins.
I've been sick of the bacon meme for so long. Its not funny and bacon is terribly overrated as a meat.

Crab Mentality
Thank you, Cena. Can we start by making the Epic Meal Time guys go away?

I hate bacon as a meme, but if you think it's overrated as a meat you need to get some really good bacon cooked just right.

Run of the mill deli bacon tastes like the smell of old pee, though.

The kind picture din the preload is definitely the pee kind.

Now a good glazed ham, let's all break bread over.

il fiore bel
Bacon is delicious, but too much will give me a headache.

Bacon is more of an accent than an actual meat. Only silly bacon meme lovers would talk about eating bacon like you would a steak. Now bacon on a steak would be great, but a whole steak load of bacon would suck. Its meant to be a supporting cast member not the star.

@Cena: The BLT would like to disagree with you.

infinite zest
Bacon is the number one destroyer of vegetarians' diets.

Prickly Pete
I don't get how bacon is a "meme". It's just a thing everyone genuinely likes. Are you supposing that people are just pretending to like it to look cool?

The BLT does not leave bacon on its own. In fact unlike other meat based sandwiches, the BLT has a very small meat to other ingredient ratio. A little bacon goes a long way.

infinite zest
I don't eat meat and I think bacon is cool.

I saw a cooking show once where the guy cut his own bacon from the slab at over an inch thick, then grilled it like a steak. Bibbity-bam. Main course.

Is it still bacon if you don't cure it & whatever? Or just grilled pork belly? A question for the ages.

il fiore bel
I remember frying up some non-cured bacon (or at least was labeled that way) one time. I wasn't sure if it was supposed to be cooked for longer, or if it was supposed to resemble thin pork strips, but bacon it was not.

We ate a Bacon.
Funny, I was just thinking about the Kobayashi Vs. Kodiak Bear fight this morning... i bet Kobayashi could win this.
infinite zest
Who would've thought that Japan would beat the USA to the Papa's Burgeria
Sexy Duck Cop
The Internet: Let us make a very large sandwich that is larger than the human mouth.

Real life: This will go into a refrigerator and be eaten in small, manageable amounts over a large period of time.

The Internet: FUCKING. EPIC.
The eater's hands look like he just birthed a calf.
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