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Desc:In a site that is now a men's boutique.
Category:Arts, Stunts
Tags:metal, 1996, CBGB, white people
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Comment count is 4
Ah, New York in 1996... running naked down Broadway hand in hand with a skater chick, the city full of possibilities and opportunity. Busking acoustic Madonna's "Express Yourself" to passerby in Little Italy for spare change. Not yet 18, just out of high school, not yet chewed up by the jaws of Southern "heritage".

I can too be a painter, mom and dad! I'm an ARTIST!

Actually, I painted and made music. I really didn't care which one hit so long as one of them hit enough to not force me to work a day job.

infinite zest
God I loved MitB when I first heard it, around 2002 or so. The record store I was working at had a few of their 7's but they were labeled "2000" so I just assumed they were still around, until just now, when I found out they broke up '97. Poop
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