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Desc:Nothing uses carbon like a first-world human. Yet you created one.
Category:Horror, Nature & Places
Tags:overpopulation, Utopia, vhemt
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Comment count is 9

that's how many humons there should be.

according to illuminatee
Is the entire series like this or just this scene?
infinite zest
I dunno, but this is kinda cool. What's weird is that it says the show got cancelled only two months after its premiere and only lasted a season..

Look at the other clips...it looks like There Will Be Blood meets Illuminati conspiracy.

@infinitezest That is a reality show of the same name.

The BBC 4 show went for two series.

There's two full 6 episode seasons from Channel 4.

HBO is remaking it, with David Fincher at the helm. While there's much that could be improved in the pacing, I doubt the cinematography or soundtrack can be improved upon.

infinite zest
Oh cool. I was pretty lazy and just typed in "utopia show." Hopefully it won't do what most American adaptations do and go on for ever and ever, like.. oh wait British ones are doing that too. What season is Sherlock Abbey on again? HBO's pretty good at not falling into that pit though, except for Arli$$..

I never noticed that industrial society is my fault. If everyone in the first world just stopped having kids no one would ever mine, drill, or burn anything on an industrial scale, it makes total sense! Why would drilling for and burning oil be the problem when I can blame myself? I better go feel like a guilty hypocrite now.
Ehh, if you're burning/mining and drilling on a massive scale, you're an industrial society...it doesn't matter which 'world' definition the country fits into.

Plus a lot of the "not first world" drills, mines and burns to supply the first world with cheap products and resources, so it can still be blamed on the first world.

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