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Desc:'The tent had been cut open from inside, and most of the skiers had fled in socks or barefoot.'
Category:Horror, Video Games
Tags:polish, Sean Bean, Dyatlovs Pass, Ural mountains, Kholat
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Comment count is 16
probably some bad food, chemicals or drugs made them freak out.
people go crazy from hypothermia. that's where the wendigo story comes from.
h8 to dana sully this thread but they died because an avalanche destroyed their camp, went nuts from hypothermia and then fell in a ravine. they left out that they were found in a ravine because that's not spOOOOOooOPy
Caminante Nocturno
Thanks for the closure, Kojak. How about you solve the mystery of who killed your ability to write?

Pretty much. It's been pretty well documented that hypothermia victims think that they are too hot and start disrobing before they die.

I have to say I've never found myself hot enough to do a public striptease. I guess I'm more realistic about how smokin' I am (or am not).


I watched quite an in depth documentary about this (possibly here), this trailer sums up all the interesting bits in 3 minutes.
The Dyatlov Pass Incident was also made into a terrible time travel movie by some has been director who used to work with Geena Davis (I think). It was also found footage. And terrible.
The movie was Devil's Pass made by Renny Harlin.

He was married to Genna Davis.

The actual events involved the Soviet Union and radiation. That's one more thing than is necessary for a conspiracy site that even Geocities at its peak couldn't host.

infinite zest
And now it's like an FPS (without the S?) Luckily it's a modern day one so it'll probably warn you when you go off the path and destinations marked with big yellow X's.. that's pretty historically accurate.

Warning signs are to tell you where the extra loot is, right?

cue John Carpenter's The Thing soundtrack
There's only one theory.

This video stayed away from it.

Research shows it to be Sasquatch.
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