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Desc:58 people on board TransAsia #GE235, a ATR 72-600 turboprop.
Category:Accidents & Explosions, News & Politics
Tags:crash, plane crash, taiwan, dashcam, Taipei
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I submitted another link to the RESUBMIT hopper, same video in high resolution without the commentary.
They're saying 12 killed, although I suspect that number will rise.

Impressively, at least 28 people survived.

Photo of the taxi that the wing clipped. Driver has head injuries but they're not life-threatening.


"You see this scar on my face? I got it from when an airplane hit me. The plane lost."

Sorry, 16 survivors, not 28. At least that we know of. Hopefully, the number of survivors will go up but I fear it probably won't.

I don't think the number of dead can ever decrease.

The dead were then sent to a better hospital, where their condition was upgraded to "alive."

But actually, the 20 currently "missing" could technically be alive, though it's becoming less and less likely.

The Mothership
SolRo wins.

Likely insurance didn't cover the taxi for air/ground collisions.

I'll do the grim-dark analysis;

The missing are all dead. This is a crash in a very populated area into a small river. All the missing bodies are either in the cabin or got swept down river and haven't surfaced yet.

That guy
Taxi driver has best luck, or worst luck?

Menudo con queso
How'd those pilots know how to recreate the exact look of my most frequent nightmare?
Near the city I commute to, there's an interstate that crosses a bridge that sits in front of the approach vector of the airport. Many times I'll drive over that bridge and see a slow moving aircraft coming in low with gear down just over the bridge. I imagine a plane coming up short every time I drive it.

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