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Tags:Joe Biden, butt buddy
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Oscar Wildcat
The grasping hand gesture at the end.
This reminds me of one of those videos where a bro says "Dude, check this out" and whacks himself in the nuts with a stick.

Obviously it didn't go as planned, but you can't for the life of you figure out how it was supposed to go.
Maggot Brain
Dat Ass
Rodents of Unusual Size
Neil's ass is infamous on the Hill.

infinite zest
I miss Neil too.
Oh Joe. I'm gonna miss you, baby.
He's a national treasure. We will never have another VP who calls out a butt buddy during a speech.

No, thanks to Joe Biden's efforts, we probably will -- often -- and it will no longer be magical.

Jet Bin Fever
We already loved Joe, why does he keep making us love him even more?
oh wait, the youtube commenters are a bunch of the most homophobic fucks Ive eerr seen

infinite zest
ugh! I told myself I wasn't going to look, but I looked. Sometimes I hate to be a part of the human race when I see shit like that.

That being said, I do remember the term being used as mostly a pejorative, but not necessarily implying a sexual relationship, just a term for two guys who were such good friends that they might as well have been married to each other instead of their wives, kind of like "bromance" is used now do describe the relationship between (sorry, I watched it and liked it) Jason Segal and Paul Rudd in I Love You Man.

s going on oi here? Oh christ I drank too much tonighte....

Prickly Pete
iz: Is this where we are in society? Apologizing for liking things? Just do you bro! YOLO!

infinite zest
You'd have to see the movie to understand.. it's every dumb romcom cliche that I normally hate about movies, so really I'm apologizing to myself, the way I do when I still laugh at Robot Chicken or Family Guy.

Meerkat: Hangover cure = semi-burnt toast with hot sauce and sprite. Don't ask me why but it works every time. :)

Neil is standing in the audience flipping him the bird with both hands.
D.C.'s #1 Butt Satisfier.
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