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Desc:Nick pitches his screenplay! Hasn't really fleshed out the plot beyond 'it's got an evil Chinaman'.
Category:Classic Movies, Arts
Tags:writing, screenplay, nick bravo, subtle racism
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Comment count is 12
to be fair "evil chinaman" was the plot of a lot of movies back in the day. He's going for a classical narrative and sterotypes allow the film-makers to skip backstory and explaining motives etc.

Everyone knows the yellow skin is evil.
I'm wondering if it's a personal attack aimed at one of his fans. The "insane military veteran" is, I'm guessing, Tom Davis, and the horrible things Seamus O'Drunknose or whatever is going to do to Crazy VeteranGuy is a thinly veiled allegory for Nick's own revenge fantasies. But whom does Nick know that is Asian? Has he been getting in altercations with Asian people lately? I know he frequently picks fights with Latinos and blacks, but to the best of my knowledge he has never even met an Asian before, let alone developed a seething hatred for one.

Also, classical narratives and stereotypes work best when one knows what these narratives and stereotypes actually ARE, i.e. you don't write your Chinese character as a Japanese man.

This video is the perfect example of how and why Hollywood has destroyed Joseph Campbell or vice versa.

even the coloration of his facial merkin is unsettling
Am I the only one who sees Liev Schreiber's ratty evil brother in him?
The butt cheeks on his nose grow with each video.
wtf japan
He is entering estrus.

Void 71
Glans penis.

heh heh heh

He has adopted this creepy motivational speaker cadence which is actually kind of terrifying me.
Have you been watching his actual motivational speaker videos?

Or what passes for them, at any rate.

I can only handle so much of old Corky. He genuinely makes my stomach turn.

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