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Desc:At first I thought this was a Russian gangstalking video, but it was actually a fetish video
Category:General Station
Tags:russia, GET THE GODDAMNED COIN, Gangstalking, Safe for work fetish
Submitted:The Mothership
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The guy is an asshole. He keeps calling her WOMAN in a really gross way. My russian isnt good enough to figure out why she takes his money but it is her right to turn him away. And given this is russia i dont blame any woman for being bitchy to dudes.
infinite zest
Dangit. Up until the very end I thought the "fetish" was that this was being played out in their own home and they do this all the time in their kitchen. That door looks much more domestic than most doors in businesses, not that I pay too much attention to these things. Oh well..

I used to have a customer that was like this guy.. he always paid for a pack of cigarettes with exact change all in pennies through quarters (I think 3.97 or something) VERY slowly and it usually wasn't a big deal but one time there was this really big line that suddenly formed behind him and I called him out because he pulled out paper dollars in his wallet looking for change.. I was just like "dude, really??!" After that, the quarters went away and it was just pennies through dimes.

Maggot Brain
" You bitch! give me back my coupon ! "
Translation, please.
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{end canto:I}


Wow, what a dick. She accepted the coins in the end because someone was in line behind him and she probably wanted to get rid of him. Failed communication is evil.
Oh, now I understand why this is a fetish video: They're ass-pennies.
"head-shaved, track-panted, leather-jacketed man chides woman for having common sense" is one of my favorite russian pastimes
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