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Desc:Malibu Grand Prix was a franchise with essentially Indy-styled go karts on small tracks.
Category:Video Games, Sports
Tags:Racing, Atari, laserdisc, go-karts, Malibu Grand Prix
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Comment count is 13
At 0:03 - "The quick brown fox jump"

"The 5200 can run circles"

"Isn't this enough text yet"

"this here nonsense."

Just about sums it up. Anyway, I prefer Sega's "Astron Belt." Give me poorly-overlaid cutout spaceships with stock footage lifted from Star Trek The Motion Picture and various obscure sci-fi films.
infinite zest
Obviously the programmers at Atari were sleeping through Daily Oral Language..

infinite zest
Ah, Malibu Grand Prix. I remember going to a birthday party there when I was a kid and steering my car directly into the wall within 10 seconds or so. I don't know how long it actually was before I made it around the track, but it felt like hours. After that, I just sort of assumed that driving any automobile was like driving one of those go-karts and that's why I didn't even want a drivers license. The one here closed but reopened at the base of Mt. Hood and I kinda want to go again, but according to Wikipedia there's only 3 actual Malibu Grand Prix (what's the plural for Prix anyway)? so it must've been something else, but what're you gonna do with all those go-karts anyway?

The Wikipedia entry's actually pretty depressingly entertaining. Chances are the place you loved as a kid is now a chain restaurant or a Best Buy or something. :(
Crab Mentality
Once it gets to the first person view, I like how the highway traffic in the background is going roughly 500 MPH.
infinite zest
Yeah I wonder why that's happening. Was the person just driving incredibly slow and they sped it up in post? Then again, it's California. People drive pretty fast down there.

How was this actually going to be a game? You can't play video footage like a video game. On the other hand, it clearly wasn't common knowledge in 1984, because we had to suffer lots and lots of FMV games in the 90s.
Looks like it's pretty much this with nicer graphics:


infinite zest
That one looks like a lot more fun to actually play. LD games like Space Ace and Dragons Lair worked and FMV rail shooters did too. But if I remember correctly there was still a bit of a lag between events though, even in the arcade cabinets. Not a huge NOW LOADING... ... but enough that a split second realtime decision like turning left or right (vs. Hit Button when prompted) wouldn't make a lot of sense. This probably would've worked fine if they put little Mario Kart-esque obstacles on the track, but I really can't see this working as a driving simulator, especially when games like Pole Position were doing a pretty good job. Since all the Malibu Grand Prix (prixes prixies whateves) had large arcades it would've been silly to see this game inside one when you could be out just doing the real thing.

What OZ said. Basically, you "map" the game field to the footage. If the car you're steering crosses the boundary between road and guardrail or "hits" an oncoming car, you lose.

infinite zest
Ah OK that makes a little more sense. It's funny, because I was watching a football game with my dad and a commercial for COD came on and I was saying something about how videogames are so realistic compared to the ones we had when I was a kid and he was like "what do you mean? What about that Star Wars game?", referring to the FMV-driven Rebel Assault. He's like the opposite of me in understanding this stuff.

I think it's supposed to be like TAITO LASER GRAND PRIX where the car you control is an 8 or 16-bit sprite graphic overlaid onto the Laserdisc track footage. If you just play the Laserdisc in a normal LD player, all you'd see is what you see here.

I submitted TAITO LASER GRAND PRIX here before.


That is a really nice go-kart track. I want to go drive on it.
This makes me think a laserdisc sidehacking game would be awesome.
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