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Desc:Blames social justice warriors for their brief splitup.
Category:General Station
Tags:Jorden Owen, totally not gay, Davis Aurini, sarkeesian effect
Submitted:Scrotum H. Vainglorious
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The New Meat
What's with the stupid cowboy hat and empty beer mug? Did he start feeling burned after everyone made fun of his ersatz anton levay look and now he's rebranding with an entirely new embarrassingly self-conscious affectation?
aurini's moved from bullyable anton lavey to billy zane's stunt double in tales from the crypt: demon knight

i think that's a step forward
John Holmes Motherfucker
So is the other guy going to be dressed as the cop, the Indian, the construction worker, or the leather dude?I

My brain just can't accept that this isn't just top tier, long-game trolling. That someone could film himself dressing and talking this way and think it was OK to share.
I still don't believe thats his real voice. He always sounds like he's struggling to talk.

i love how earnest this comment is, zircon. truly troubled that a fellow human would choose to exist like this.

Jet Bin Fever
...and it feels so good!
That's right folks. The production of the first Godfather was also derailed by the attacks of SJW's. Those assholes ruin everything!
Sudan no1
SJWs are poisoning the soil! WHY DIDNT YOU LISTEN STUART!

He has morphed into different effete Cohen brothers villain.
Binro the Heretic
"It's like planning a wedding every single day."


Planned a lot of weddings, have you?
para ti

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