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Desc:what the hey is this thing doing in the middle of the sky?
Category:Pets & Animals, Stunts
Tags:eagle, dubai, GoPro, Burj Khalifa
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Comment count is 4
Because 20 more seconds wouldn't fit in this video, they had to upload the best part separately:


But I digress. What an amazing animal! (And what a depressing city.)
infinite zest
Yeah really. I thought they just found a random eagle and put a gopro on it. I have to use my little Garmin iPhone thingy to get to work if I'm not taking the same route as I'm used to, and this guy found his owner just like that. An eagle is smarter than I am. Please keep me in mind, eagles, when you decide to take over. I always said you were pretty cool.

Eagles have remote control? Sneaky as shit.
This made me do an image search for "remote controlled eagle" and I was richly rewarded:


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