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Desc:I never noticed that before.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Advertisements
Tags:commercial, Coffee, Incest
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Comment count is 15
Incest tag!

Sir, do you realize that you are not drinking regular coffee, but Columbian decaffeinated coffee crystals?
We all knew what was going on here even without the snazzy edit.

infinite zest
It's a long way from West Africa. I brought you something.

A link to the commercial elsewhere on this site ...


... and a request for the "Caucasian spree" tag.
Huge dupe, and for my money, one of the greatest threads on POETV.

Ranma X.
Huge dupe, but one of those clips that would go in a best of POETV collection.

Since this is back up, I did a search on Archive of Our Own as an update. There are 22 stories, some of which use "Folgerscest" as a tag. One fic is in Russian while another is an Attack on Titan crossover. There are now multiple stories over 10k words long. A 14,000 word long fic has, as its plot summary: "When his sister was born, Josh didn't want her. Eventually he changed his mind."
Huh. According to Tumblr, there is a lot of crossover between fans of Folgercest and the Gravity Falls incest-shipping community. For example:


Folgers scene is at the bottom. The artwork really makes it.

Five stars for you Homer. I've been deep into the weird weird internet, yet you found the first thing that has really baffled me in a long time. I can't believe there are fans of this freakin' coffee commercial. And that they're fans for the incest, and then they fuse it with gravity falls incest shippers and well... damn.

Not actually a dupe. I suggest you watch a little closer.
closer, hell, it's the preload image

That guy
it's only a dupe if you saw this shot happen in the original

or re-enacted it

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