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Desc:I'm honestly surprised nobody lost an eye.
Category:Science & Technology, Stunts
Tags:Easter, moans of the dying, Ow my balls, what could possibly go wrong?, the slingshot channel
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The Mothership
And now I know for certain that the Austrian version of Jackass is exactly as I always imagined it.
infinite zest
Their other videos are OK too.. for whatever reason I like it more than Jackass, maybe because I can't understand what they're saying. Plus, some friends and I tried (or attempted to try) the "monster ramp", but with a slip and slide, when we were like 10. Just put it up on the second floor and put stakes on the other side, and that was it. Luckily the kids' parents got home before any of us tried it. HOWEVER, if you secure it with a bunch of ladders underneath like these guys did.. nah I still won't try it.

The Mothership
Also how the hell did he not seriously wound them?
infinite zest
Yeah really. Especially the Ostrich egg. They weigh about the same as a coconut, and given that it didn't break..

The hard boiled egg to the eye is where I was expecting a trip to the emergency room.

At least with the ostrich egg he was expecting it, it hit in his abdomen where he has a lot of muscles to take some of the impact, an the force was spread out over a larger area (plus the liquid inside might absorb some of it, I don't know).

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