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ashtar. - 2015-04-07

I love the mean youtube comments from young girls.

ashtar. - 2015-04-07

2 years ago
HOLY FUCK! When i saw this I saw this i almost clawed my eyes out and poured hot sauce on the bloody holes. You should really just give up on both singing and dancing. It looks like a frustrated retard trying to swim in the air. Honestly I feel like this should be a commercial for autism or down syndrome, You must have an extra 21st chromosome....and adopted.....no-one loves you
I mean, shit. We can be pretty mean on this site but we'll never hold a candle to 14 year old girls.

badideasinaction - 2015-04-07

I think we're tempered by the perspective of being old enough that most of us can thank our lucky stars our lack of self-awareness phase didn't play out on youtube. Not that we aren't assholes now and again, but it's mostly reserved for the adults who still haven't reached that level of awareness or the teens who are at least old enough to know what they're doing is not ok.

Lef - 2015-04-07

I would add the lack of anonymity as well (if support wants to out us, they can), and maybe the fact that we're a smaller group and vote on each others crap. Getting one starred hurts bitches!

I (we?) used to be pretty terrible monsters back in the OMM days, especially when they'd decide to troll sites. Glad it stopped and REALLY REALLY glad that site was mostly anonymous. Pretty sure some pretty big name game devs would be brutally shamed if exposed. I do sometimes miss the days of TNC, but those memes were unmentionable outside of that site.

badideasinaction - 2015-04-07

Thinking back to poe-red days it wasn't usually aimed at kids at that point, or at least it was aimed at crappy geocities pages and MSPaint art more than directly at the kids. I mean, the heyday was around 2000-2002 wasn't it? Digital cameras were still a rarity, let along digital video, let alone places one could easily host them. The average 13-year old has youtube uploading available at one button press in their phone nowadays, whereas then you'd need tech know-how and hosting with bandwidth to make that happen.

Doing that sort of comment to a kid like this is way more personal than most users here took things, unless they came to this site, in which case all bets were off. Or at least there were less kids to be made targets than there are now, so maybe we were just assholes. At least I'll pretend honor among assholes existed or something.

baleen - 2015-04-08

Some of the dogpiling that occurred on Poe Red and Poe News was completely ridiculous and the adults who did it should have known better. I mean, shit that was as low as making fun of deeply awkward and nerdy bloggers who's biggest crime was being born really ugly and lonely. And of course the absurd incestuous hazing of new users.

That guy - 2015-04-07

If awkward came in a chewable razorblade form, it would be this.

dairyqueenlatifah - 2015-04-08

Dropthekoala5 days ago

"Best thing ive seen in a while! people just hate cause they jealous, keep practicing your a natural!"

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