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Desc:So strap in.
Category:Accidents & Explosions, Stunts
Tags:movie, ACTING!, dennis quaid, director, movie set
Submitted:Rodents of Unusual Size
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Oscar Wildcat
God, that was wonderful! You can't imagine how many times I have restrained myself from expressing similar sentiments.
looks like Christian Bale has some competition
Christ you're amateur, man!
Go join your crazy brother in Canada.
Hooooooooooooollllllly shit that is great. When I heard he did this on the set of a movie, my first thought was "Why is Dennis Quaid in a movie?"
Did he call that guy "dopey the dick?"
Rodents of Unusual Size
Yes. Yes, he did.

I appreciate the quality of his tantrum. Word choice, pacing; it's all good. If you're going to flip out on people, at least make it entertaining.

Spaceman Africa
I'm not sure I believe this
1st time I watched it I thought it seemed fake, but this time it seemed genuine. The internet has ruined me, after I found out The Fuck Her Right in the Pussy Guy was fake I don't know what to believe anymore.


oh, ok then

infinite zest
Dangit. I was still hoping if it was staged, it would be some weird promotion for the Dan Rather biopic starring Robert Redford. Redford hasn't really done a good prank since Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, or was it the Sting? I always get those two movies confused.

Jet Bin Fever
It seems like a good time to remind you all that most crazy is hereditary.
Billy the Poet
Quaid... start overreacting.

(I think this is fake. It seems a little too on the nose.)
infinite zest
I dunno, when I go off to someone (people at work, ex-girlfriends, drivers) it can sound like a goddamn monologue worthy of Heisenberg himself, but if I was to write it down and say it again, you could tell it was faked. Then again, I'm not an actor.

On second thought, yeah this is totally fake. Probably going to turn out to be a Jimmy Kimmel prank.
That's my thinking as well. But hell if I know.

infinite zest
I guess he said it wasn't; I wish I had watched this when I had the chance yesterday before seeing Kimmel's response.. I dunno. I remember when Christian Bale freaked out at Terminator Whatever director, but that sort of makes sense: Christian Bale seems like he'd probably be kind of a dick in real life, and going from working with Christopher Nolan and Werner Herzog to, uh McG.. yeah that's the director's name.

But Quaid seems like a really nice guy, and ostensibly the only thing he's working on is a co-starring role in a Dan Rather biopic that stars Robert Redford and looks really good, at least a step up from.. uh wait is it Randy or Dennis?

That guy
I'm going with real, and that he's not 100% at fault.
Real- because he misspeaks a bit, and that's hard to fake.

I'm guessing someone actually walked up and talked to the director during blocking or rehearsal.
Misspeaking happens all the time with improv.

That guy

That guy
ok fine it's not

I always consider moments like these when I see an actor answer interview (promotional) questions like "what was it like to work with director so and so?" and they typically answer "Oh so and so is just great. Love so and so's way of making us actors feel at home on the set and willing to work with how we see the script.." on and on.
Maggot Brain
Uhg~ are we done, Mr. Quaid?
it's not real....it's a dumb funny or die viral nonsense thing.
That guy
tits or gtfo

That guy
er, I mean, you're right

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