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Desc:Featuring a goth contortionist clown.
Category:Science & Technology, Nature & Places
Tags:party, pennsylvania, bomb shelter, TNT Amusements
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Comment count is 14
Okay I would not mind living in that house.
When I saw "TNT Amusements", I assumed this video was going to be about a pinball machine named "Bomb Shelter", not an actual bomb shelter.
infinite zest
Anybody been to/live in Pittsburgh? I know Boomer does. I'm probably moving this year after summer's over. Pittsburgh's on my list of places to go on a whim and move to, but I don't know a thing about it except that they've got a pinball scene, which is pretty much enough for me. It sounds a lot like the Portland Oregon I grew up in.
It's full of stupid fat hicks with stupid fat accents and the food is greasy and horrible and the weather vacillates between dark, cold and grey and sticky hot with mosquitoes. Have fun.

Pittsburgh is OK I guess, not sure if I would want to live there.

The one time I visited I discovered there is a nearly 5 mile stretch of ghetto that's left off the tourist maps where there are people living in houses without doors or windows, so there's that. It didn't seem to reflect well on their concern for the poor population that they were expurgated from the maps.

But it's very beautiful.

I'd go to Philly over Pittsburgh though.

On the other hand, Flashdance.

I had to spend a couple of days in Pittsburgh a few years ago and the way the city constantly shifted between dirt-poor and ultra-rich as I drove through it was pretty jarring.

Basing an entire city off of a couple of days doesn't make a whole lot of sense but fuck it, Pittsburgh sucks. Philly can be a pretty dangerous, terrible place, but it's not too difficult to avoid most of those areas.

infinite zest
Thanks for the advice. I know it's a first world problem, but I realized I've lived in the same city for 25 of my 33 years on planet earth, and something snapped when I decided to go downtown on a Saturday night after work. The place I liked to play Pinball at had a fucking door guy and a line, and I knew they'd check my bag and find unopened beers and anyway it was just like "FUCK THIS PLACE." The Portland I grew up in was completely unknown, dirty and kind of awesome. It wasn't unusual for me to bike to school and see a couple of homeless people fucking in the alley, or people passed out and naked on my parents' front lawn. That's all cleaned up now, replaced by stainless steel and forced "weird." That, and I like to move to a new place every 7 years. The most logical choice is Brisbane Australia because that's where most of my family lives, but I'm not sure if I can transfer my job as easy as I can in the states. Bozeman MT sounds kinda cool.. I dunno. Anyway thanks for listening

infinite zest
Who am I kidding.. I'd move there just to marry that goth clown.

Yeah, moving to Portland is kind of a fad these days, it's too bad.

Move to Providence, we can start a stupid band.

We've got a lot of dirty homeless people and genuine need-medication weirdos in Missoula, MT. Some guy just got busted with a bunch of needles in his backpack right outside my window.
I also support you and OZ starting a stupid band.

infinite zest
One of my old housemates is from Providence. It'd be a super small world if you knew him. Keeps coming back to Portland so he goes by the nickname Merman, you know, because of the rain. That's the other thing too. Even 5 years ago a band I was in could have all sorts of options for places to play, but the main punk rock venue burned and the owners skipped town. I vaguely remember this fad happening in Seattle in the 90s too, but Seattle seems to be able to support it because of its size. People who move here leave just as quickly tho because it's not this pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. It took me nearly 5 months to find a low-paying job when I first moved back, and I thought I had all the connections from the 90s with the record store I used to work at, etc. The sad part is I like the melting pot aspect. When I went to Wisconsin people had no idea what part of the universe I was from, and now I see familiar faces all the time.

infinite zest
I don't condone it, but that's actually something that's really cool out here. They have needle exchange trucks that go around like the ice cream man. No questions asked. I couldn't begin to count the number of times I almost pricked myself on a used needle in the bushes when I was playing outside as a kid.

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