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Desc:submitted for everything, but especially 1:13 (and 4:28)
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Sports
Tags:basketball, slam dunk, someone made this, modthomas, KURTIS BONES JONES
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Comment count is 17
I dig it.
White Mike bears an uncanny resemblance to an actual white Mike that I work with.

These stars are for that.
all white people look alike

infinite zest
oo baby I like it raaaaaw

That guy
This is...
yeah ok 5 stars
That guy
someone made this

there is great promise for the "someone made this" tag

That guy
That tag is on my list.

"...made on ms paint using windows movie maker."

Holy crap. He must've drawn (and copy-pasted background elements) every cel of animation.

That's a lot of dedication and belief that what he was doing didn't suck.
this channel is amazing. I believe that what he was doing doesn't suck.

Two Jar Slave
I don't know much about animation, but think his characters have pretty good motion and momentum considering the low frame count, and he draws them consistently from many angles. Nice, expressive keys. I mean, it's obviously amateur work or whatever, but it shows good fundamentals.

"but it shows good fundamentals."

You know what else does? Women's basketball. But it doesn't make up for their inability to dunk.

This most definitely does not suck. I checked out the rest of his channel, and it is awesome. It's MS Paint, sure, but kid's got some chops!

@ 1:53

Tell me that is not the best Snoop Dogg album cover you have ever seen drawn in MS Paint.

I'm all for this stuff, but Larry Fine definitely has some kind of serious bone condition at 2;06

Jet Bin Fever
The harsh world of competitive dunking.
Everybody be travelin' travelin'.
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