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Desc:They offered to reunite her with her long lost mother.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Stunts
Tags:Prank, Mother, reunion, Cambodia
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and thus was a new generation of terrorists born
Herr Matthias
Chappelle's Show had a sketch called "Zapped!" which was about taking shitty prank shows to their logical extreme. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be any clips of it on YT, other than one which was posted by a guy that appears to be aiming an old camcorder at a CRT from across the room.

So 5 for this clip being like that sketch, only in real life.
infinite zest
It's strange that nobody has done proper uploads of Chappelle's show DVDs when it's the only DVD set that's consistently at every house I've moved into in the past 10 years.

infinite zest
And yes, I would like edits where it's just the sketchs and no Dave talking and no music at the end with awkward Dave standing there acting like he's doing something

Ha ha that's what you get for having human emotions
infinite zest
Sounds like Godspeed You Black Emperor when she's introduced. I guess that's pretty fitting.
The Mothership
that's not funny. 5 stars.
Given Cambodia's history I assumed they were going to wheel out a pile of bones.

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