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Desc:I'd love some big gas savings
Category:Humor, Advertisements
Tags:puns, big ass, K-Mart, big gas
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Comment count is 14
5 stars for the big gas man.

This one's even better:
But, be wary, dear Adjuvant, if you are thinking of submitting it, because that one, dear Adjuvant, would be a dupe.

Thanks for the heads-up. Boy would I have had egg on my face.

infinite zest
Is "ass" even a swear word anymore? I remember when Kick-Ass came out I was wondering what they'd do with all the marquees, since it was playing alongside other childrens' movies, but I didn't see a single advertisement with "A**" or whatever, and it definitely wasn't censored on billboards or on the marquees.

Binro the Heretic
But will it be enough to save them?
I don't get it
Binro the Heretic
Do you like fish sticks?

My birth name is Mike Hunt.

infinite zest
Woah really? Did you go to school with Heywood J. Blowme?

OT but for the longest time I've been wondering, is your username like 'yogar field' like a field of yogurt, or is it 'yo garfield?' like hello the cat

what fluffy said

a little bit of both, actually.

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