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Mr. Purple Cat Esq. - 2015-06-09

The bready display there looks glorious

infinite zest - 2015-06-09

Fuck this guy. To be fair I only made it to :40. To make yourself glueten intolerant if you don't have celiac like it's a good thing is like "here's how to get the AIDS without sexual contact."

godot - 2015-06-09

Drunk? The whole channel is satire.

infinite zest - 2015-06-09

Ah my bad.. didn't look at original title or click through. But there are people who believe this. The Paleo philosophy is pretty much taking into account that we as humans didn't have a stomach for gluten, and if you want to do it, that's fine. But others actively try to give themselves the allergy. I'm vegan but tend to fuck up once in a while and eat something with dairy or meat, especially if someone else has already made it for me (read: I'm a polite vegan) and worst thing that has ever happened was a mild stomach ache which I think was probably due to a 24 hour flu.

But that's not an autoimmune disorder like Celiac. People I know who have it wish they could eat the fuck out of gluten instead of just a big block of cheese for lunch because gluten free bread's been made more expensive because of this stupid GF fad, and if they take the plunge they suffer the worst kind of pain that I can't even imagine.

glasseye - 2015-06-09

It's not ENTIRELY satire, but he does have a bunch of satire videos up that are pretty hilarious.

baleen - 2015-06-10

This guys is actually pretty cool.
He makes fun of all the right people.

Old_Zircon - 2015-06-09

I can hardly comprehend going without gluten. Gluten is the best.

mon666ster - 2015-06-09

Ever tried gluten-free beer? Apparently gluten is the thing that makes beer taste good.

Adjuvant - 2015-06-09

Two Brothers' Prairie Path is quite good (http://www.twobrothersbrewing.com/prairie-path-faqs/). I had it from several sampler cases before I even noticed that it's gluten reduced. Maybe brewing with the barley then removing the gluten after is better than brewing without gluten. Because gluten-free beer is pretty universally nasty.

infinite zest - 2015-06-09

Lake Front Brewery in Milwaukee Wisconsin makes a good one called New Grist. Same thing, I drank it for a long time before I even knew it was gluten free, because I like a good pilsner is all. I remember Two Brothers being available when I was living in the midwest, but I'm not sure if it's as available nationwide as New Grist. Damnit, now I want a Bells Two Hearted, which IS impossible to find on the west coast (but definitely not GF.)

Two Jar Slave - 2015-06-09

As a bona fide celiac who went without any beer for six years because the gf stuff was so nasty, I offer the opinion that Gutenberg's whole line up is the best substitute I've tasted. It only became available in my city recently, but I've been making up for lost time lemme tell you.

Two Jar Slave - 2015-06-09

Also this video was funny.

Old_Zircon - 2015-06-09

I've never tried gluten free beer but I kind of imagine it would taste kind of like Malta Goya that had been left open at room temperature for a ay or two and then chilled. So almost as bad as bud light and maybe slightly worse than 'Gansett (which actually gives me a headache halfway through the first one).

Lurchi - 2015-06-09

I saw vodka labeled "gluten free"

fluffy - 2015-06-09

Well, some vodka does come from wheat, so it's possible to get vodka with trace amounts of gluten in it (and that is enough to give someone with celiac a bad day).

Here in Seattle we have Capitol Cider which was started by a celiac in response to having no good gluten-free options in Seattle. I've been there a few times and have never been impressed with the food, but I suspect that if you really need a gluten-free diet it's a godsend (and in the meantime they get plenty of patronage from shitloads of people like the dude in this video only for real).

Well, they also have plenty of local art and music events which are a lot of fun. I go to those a lot. But the food is just meh at best.

infinite zest - 2015-06-09

I never really understood food at a brew pub. Like, I don't associate food pairings with beer the way I would with wine. I'm not sure if Washington had the same liquor control laws, but every establishment that has liquor is required to serve food (this could mean a microwave and hot pockets is the chef special and it is at my local dive) but if you only do beer then you not only not have to serve food, but outside food is allowed and encouraged!

glasseye - 2015-06-09

Beer and food pairings can be just as good as wine and food pairings can be. I'd say even more so, since IMO beer is a more diverse landscape than wine.

Lurchi - 2015-06-09

also, wine doesn't go well with spicy food

infinite zest - 2015-06-09

Yeah spicy food is great with beer, but I never see it suggestively paired like artisanal charcuterie and wine. The best Mexican and Thai places just have tecate and the beer with the elephant, and a brewpub's attempt at a curry or butitto is applesby quality at best.. That's why it's awesome to BYOF.

Potter - 2015-06-09

Hopped Cider guys!

Don't get me wrong, people who can't "tolerate gluten" are clearly hated by an angry god who wishes them death and pain, but I got to sell booze. You can make a really tasty beer substitute with cider and hops.

Gluten free beers are the work of an unloving god.

I suspect if this guy couldn't make his joke in a minute in a half, it's not worth 6 minutes.

fluffy - 2015-06-09

Washington has those same laws, yeah (and some bars just do the hot pocket thing, like 9 pound hammer down in Georgetown), but Seattle also has people who go to bars specifically for food.

infinite zest - 2015-06-10

Yeah.. down here there's the Horsebrass, which is a beer destination (I think 50 on tap) but also has the best fish and chips and Scottish Egg in the world, including anything I had in England (like I said I'm a cheating vegan once in a while). A bunch of my friends worked there but opened up their own place, Apex, which opened next door to a fledgling Mexican restaurant and across the street from a Bahn Mi place, and a block away up from a Chicken and Waffles place. And they serve no food of their own. It's this great symbiotic relationship, vs other places that HAVE to serve food but don't really allow outside food unless you're a regular. So people don't stay as long because the food is something that's necessary and not that important, or else they don't eat and get drunker faster.. etc..

There's a place by my house that's probably going to close down soon that has a cup o'noodles on the menu. And it comes in the fucking Styrofoam cup. They add a few things to it and put it in the cup, but still!

Lurchi - 2015-06-10

strangely champagne goes really well with super-spicy Thai food, or at least it did when I tried it

infinite zest - 2015-06-10

I could see that. Champagne makes me instantly full, unlike other alcohol, so I'd probably enjoy the spicyness of the food instead of just chowing it down. There's another place by my house called Whisky Soda Lounge that specializes in Beer Slushies. It's that same Elephant beer (but not Carlberg) but they have this cool thing that spins it around so it's at the perfect temperature to drink like a slurpee, and they cut the top right off with a butcher knife. I've unsuccessfully tried this in my own freezer a couple of times.

oddeye - 2015-06-09

Gluten is the glue that holds delicious food together. I'm a glutton for gluten. Gluten-million.

hammsangwich - 2015-06-12

My buddy found out he had Celiac's and started drinking New Planet. Fuck that shit is awful.

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