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Desc:Gamergate creates a filk album for some reason.
Category:Arts, Video Games
Tags:video games, filk, gamergate
Submitted:The New Meat
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Comment count is 24
"youtube videos I will never play"
I honestly can't think of a type of music I dislike more than filk.

What the hell is filk?

You don't want to know.

It's folk music based around nerd culture, typically associated with scifi conventions and bearded D&D gamers who've been LARPing since the 1970s.

infinite zest
Having listened to 30 seconds of it I think it's just a shitty MTI Les Miserables practice CD with these people singing over. That's the problem with all these gamergater boys. Lazy. Mom will be done with your laundry soon.

infinite zest
Actually I hope this is fake, otherwise they've set this whole movement back to PONG. Other hits include Don McLean and Frozen Song and some horrible emo.

Filk is what happens when you take a classic song, say, "Smells Like Teen Spirit," and change it to something like "Smells Like Ninja Turtles." And the chorus goes, "Here we are now, NINJA TURTLES!" and then you ask for Patreon donations so you can keep producing more works of genius like that.

So, is Buckner & Garcia filk?

Dang... I'm sure not going to listen to this.

Buckner and Garcia is most definitely not filk, that album is pure, glorious exploitation.

Filk is like a perfect storm of theater club, Nerd Culture and ukuleles, and makes nerdcore rap look brilliant and innovative in comparison.

When I was in college there was a really shitty capital-C capital-B College Bar near where I was living and one night per week they had this homebro with an acoustic guitar come out and, as my roommate described it, "play folk covers of popular songs with the lyrics rewritten to 'appeal to a COLLEGE AUDIENCE'"

Replace "college audience" with "the broadest 'nerd culture' stereotypes imaginable" and that's filk. I think it's really popular on TV Tropes.

MacGyver Style Bomb
Before the furries came into the scene, filkers were considered the lowest tier in the nerd hierarchy.

Simpler Times

So it's like Weird Al, only not as good and a lot more ambitious?

I'm a giant fucking nerd. I'm a giant fucking music nerd. I fucking hate filk, mostly because it's nerds taking a 5 second joke and making a 5 minute song about it and thinking it's clever.

It's the musical version of endlessly quoting Monty Python, without the jokes from Python to back it up.

infinite zest
I'd liken it most to things like Capitol Steps and those stupid songs that ruin an otherwise tolerable Prairie Home Companion.

infinite zest
BUT, by that logic do Ween's 12 Golden Country Greats and Merle Haggard's Okie From Muskogee kinda qualify as filk too?

John Holmes Motherfucker
Rodents of Unusual Size
I didn't know what the fuck filk was either but I hate it so five stars for the precious seconds it took out of my life.
This would be an hour of my life spent.

Before I attempt this, I need to know if this puts Gamergate into a rational, understandable context. Right now all 'Gamergate' is to me is an incoherent, scattershot, improvised clusterfuck of a mess where not even the people perpetuating it seem to know what it is beyond making shit up and flailing against invisible giants. Yet it's still being fought on whatever the fuck front it's supposed to so maybe the song helps?
>> Right now all 'Gamergate' is to me is an incoherent, scattershot, improvised clusterfuck of a mess where not even the people perpetuating it seem to know what it is beyond making shit up and flailing against invisible giants

Identity Politics! It's nice that gamers are finally catching up with the rest of modern Western society.

The New Meat
Having listened to thie entire album, I can help answer this question.

The answer is no.

NOW! That's what I call dork humour!
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