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Desc:10 years in the making, Zappa died before the album's completion.
Category:Arts, Stunts
Tags:90s, awesome, frank zappa, synclavier, Frank Zappa Week
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Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
It sounds like midi
Void 71
I'm sure he would have moved on to newer hardware if he hadn't gotten sick. There were some really good samplers on the market in the early '90s. He could have made his own sample libraries and they would have sounded a lot better than the stock Synclavier stuff. He had access to everything he needed to do it properly.

To be fair, this was made on a fully loaded Synclavier II, which is still to this day among the best sounding samplers ever created and still in regular use for major film scores (because nobody else but a big-ticket composer could afford one).

I would love for the Zappa trust to release some of his samples because, contrary to void71, he spent the last decade of his life building a HUGE library of world class custom samples.

P.S. "sounds like MIDI" is a meaningless statement, MIDI doesn't have a sound. This sounds like a Synclavier II.

Sorry to be pedantic and all but h fuck who am I kidding I'm not sorry, pedantry is fun.

And this sounds better than the LSO managed to.

The early parts sound kinda the music you might hear during a Castlevania game.

I wish motorhead would come back!
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