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Desc:Dusted Lady speaks in tongues
Category:Educational, Nature & Places
Tags:, pcp, ILY, getwet
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Comment count is 19
American Standard
Honest to God, shit like this only makes me curious about some drugs. She must feel AMAZING.
infinite zest
I've definitely smoked weed laced with PCP before. One of the reasons I'm glad weed's gonna be legal (hopefully everywhere soon) so people know what they're getting. Nothing wrong with a PCP trip honestly but if you don't see it coming it's a bitch like being slipped a mickey.

why do the PCP demons make you get down low and slap the ground alot? it's a weird common reaction to the drug and I've never understood why

PCP is a tranquilizer, so I imagine your brain is getting put into a semi-sleep, semi-conscious state, making you behave as if you're acting out a dream.

I'm speculating.

infinite zest
Yeah up until the 60s it was used as a human anesthetic much like special K is still used for cats. If you know vets or have ever been in a K hole it's basically a stronger version of that but you have a lot more energy than Ketamine. Best description I can give was when I was sober and my girlfriend at the time smoked some laced marijuana and freaked out at my work because she could see inside her own eyes when she closed her eyes.. that was about the most coherent thing I ever got and the rest was just jiberish. That's the one time I ever just left work with the door locked for an hour to help her out knowing that I'd probably get fired. If you're looking for something that'll put you in a dream state, snort ketamine or smoke DMT.

I am amazed by PCP. It's like an alien machine algorithm that treats everyone the same.

1. Locate street.
2. Slap street.


It's the 'and possessed by demons' part that gets me. Whoever took this video is as crazy as the person in it, but in a completely different way. I respect that.
wtf japan
He sees demons, I see introductory Zumba class.

i feel that "demons doin it" is the cooler version of when someone gives god the credit for another person's hard work

I am a bad person for enjoying this so much, and I don't care.
Summer's here and the time is right
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
She can punch through a windshield and break every bone in her hand and still not feel a thing.
Miss Henson's 6th grade class
Like a chemically-induced interpretive dance.
It's healthy let your hair down once in a while.
I like how she unknowingly moves with the music.

The Youtube description and comments are really something. People seem to think she's demon possessed and that dropping PCP has nothing to do with her actions.
blue vein steel
5 for Based Dust Goddess
what the fuck is "based" and stop fucking saying it

I think he's using "based" here to mean "concentrated". "Base" is concentrated amphetamine. Dust is PCP. So, Based Dust likely means concentrated PCP.

Citation: urban dictionary. I don't even smoke weed.

At least she's getting some good exercise.
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