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Desc:Horsing Around
Category:Classic Movies, Arts
Tags:Fight Club, Toddler Fight Club, Chuck Plahniuk
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Comment count is 11
fucking awesome
+1 for "toddler fight club" being a linked tag.
blue vein steel
holy crap, good. i fixed this, http://www.poetv.com/video.php?vid=142373

Albuquerque Halsey
Combining something childlike with something gritty is lazy comedy.
I agree with you, Mr Halsey, in that juxtaposing childishness and grittiness is (generally speaking) lazy comedy. It's lazy comedy because this approach is overused and predictable; everyone knows it, everyone does it - it's popular.

Yet I put it to you, that ironically gritty comedy is popular today _precisely because of_ creatives like Mr Paladuck! Chuck Paladuck's mastery of the art of grittiness is a big part of what led grittiness to become a tired cliche by the early 00s. Basically, you're complaining about an iconic artist doing what he does best.

You can't write off one of the pioneers of the form as "lazy"! You don't have to like this, but please find a different word, more appropriate for the context.

You've really stepped up your game lately, Evilhomer.

infinite zest
Chuck is a cool guy. He likes to go to this restaurant that's next door to my favorite bar and we've played pinball together. That being said, I'll always remember Fight Club because of my freshman year of college.. I passed out of intro lit so I took a 200 level class and on the syllabus was Fight Club. Not the book, just the movie that had just come out that past year. When watching the movie in class I walked out, totally prepared to drop out of college but I ran into my professor who was outside smoking a cigarette. It was kinda cool. I told him all about the real Fight Club House (location, it was never actually an actual fight club house as far as anybody knows) and some other stuff so I felt really proud like I taught the professor something. After the semester he got electrocuted on his honeymoon down in Mexico in a swimming pool with a broken underwater light and died.. anyway I stayed in school because of that.

I think I've asked you this before, but have you ever tried punching Chuck? Just, you know, walked up and started a random fight with him? I think he'd appreciate that.

infinite zest
Ha. No, I haven't although others have. He's too nice a guy. Also he's really muscled. The one fight I was ever in was between me an an MMA fighter who called my then wife a kike and I got the shit beaten out of me obviously but got in a few pot shots when he was walking away

Rodents of Unusual Size
I keep wondering if his other books are worth reading. Damned looks like it could be a fun read.
Not really; his schtick starts wearing really thin around "Lullaby", and "Diary" is nigh-unbearable. I didn't bother with anything after that, with the exception of a couple of stories in his later non-fiction work, oh-so-cleverly titled "Stranger than Fiction: True Stories."

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