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Desc:Chat drive wants you
Category:General Station
Tags:PoE-news, bo-news
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Chet drive?
rest in peace.


infinite zest
This video is private

another home run for theSnake

John Holmes Motherfucker

I think it's pretty lame. I almost never hear these terms mentioned except by people who are mocking them. Mocking these terms has become a huge cliche, and this is the dumbest laziest, most obvious kind of mockery. There's no humor here.

I don't know what The Snake intended, but when people engage in this sort of thing, it's usually a lazy attempt to make a point. Mockery can be a great way to spice up an argument, but people usually forget to include the argument.

Does this really have anything to do with us? I don't think it does. We talk about the issues, but does anybody in here really talk about "climate justice"?

^ See, now THIS is the Poe-News I remember.

FMA (Foolish Motorcycle Accident, head of bo news) has stated that he's ready for a poeTV/bo news merger. Whoever is in charge here, get in touch.

is fma the one who fucked a dog, or the one who would get mad at people and then spend weeks insisting they were human shit

because from what i remember of the guy it could be one or the other

Wow! What an offer! Lol!

There can be no peace without unconditional surrender.

Also, we demand to keep waugh because he's adorable. These terms are nonnegotiable.

waugh is probably dead.


Rodents of Unusual Size
FMA is a sociopath who claimed to have purposefully destroyed PoeNews by starting any number of fake dramas. Pretty much everything he does is driven by the desire to fuck with people in real life. Bo News is pretty much the worst parts of PoeNews boiled down into a cacophony of fucking horrible.

As far as stereotypes go, American Born Chinese women don't get enough credit for generally being the best dancers in any room.
@Change Please be more specific, really that could be any poe-news regular
I didn't post on POE-News much. I once went because someone here challenged me to discuss my politics there, I turned everyone into libertarians.
I pretty much only went there to see if there were any new posts in the PUA baiting thread.

The horror, the horror.
Rodents of Unusual Size
I was able to see it right before it was made private by the owner. Why would you try and hide this amazingness from the public?

WHITE GUILT. That's why.
I'm glad I watched this in the hopper. I have no idea what it means in relation to how it is presented here, and I bet they didn't either, so hid it from us.
Can a brother have a 'Cultural Marxism' tag?
drama is for children
That one Oriental girl had nice looking tits. I wonder if she's a dyke...
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