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Desc:Cap's been accused of a crime he didn't commit! And he couldn't care less. (Happy Eagle Day!)
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Classic TV Clips
Tags:spider-man, Marvel, Captain America, independence day with cap
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Prickly Pete
Spider-Man's voice sounds like a bitch.
Yeah, the voice acting on this is pretty dreadful.

The first season of this show is actually pretty decent.

I think this is the 2nd season, where it took this really weird dive in quality. They mostly never had more than 3 of the avengers around for any given episode, and it was mostly the same 3 all season like they had some kind of dispute with the other voice actors. The plots were lame, the overarching season plots redundant (first the Skrull invasion, then the Kree), and the illustrators and writers incompetent (later on they just forgot that Yellow Jacket and Ant Man were the same person and had them both popping up at the same time).

Then for the final episode, Galactus comes out of nowhere, quickly goes out like a total bitch, and the series ends with the most awkward "We didn't know we were getting cancelled and had to slap together this finale at the last minute" send off ever.

Sanest Man Alive
The only way Cap could be more America is he were actually guilty of the crime and still gave no fucks.
Captain America is who Americans like to think of themselves as: brave, principled, not necessarily educated but smart enough, don't let themselves get pushed around. Cap will praise lowly ol' Spider-Man or talk smack to Odin as he sees fit and doesn't give a damn who they think they are, because he knows right from wrong.

Not bad things to aspire to, but hard to live up to.

Rodents of Unusual Size
I miss the Fox cartoon from the 90s, that was jam packed with ridiculous action. This is terrible.
No, this isn't terrible. The current Spidey cartoon, which makes constant use of Family Guy cutaway jokes: that's terrible.

Sanest Man Alive
The spidey cartoon from the 90s was pretty terrible, too, if you bother to try rewatching it again. The pacing was weird and full of jarring fast-cuts, usually to cover for crummy animation. Still, it had Peter as an actual adult, and it told probably the least retarded version of the Clone Saga, although that isn't saying much.

Number of damns given: zero
"Can I be your sidekick?"

*sprints away at full speed*

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