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Desc:The car was faking it
Category:Classic TV Clips, Sports
Tags:Street Fighter, wwe, not covered by insurance, oh my car
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Comment count is 25
I don't remember ever getting an axe in street fighter.
Moments after this, he flung the car door into the audience and hit a child. I am not kidding.
infinite zest
I always wonder that about Pro Wrestling. The only one I've gone was an NWA which was pretty small comparatively; I understand that you're going to get splashed at Sea World, hit if you sit too close at a race car contest, but since pro wrestling is coreographed you might as well worry about the same car door hitting you at the ballet.

Classic means of getting heat.

Now that would be interesting.

infinite zest
I'm just upset because this car could've gone to help so many needy Professional Wrestlers who can't take public transportation. Also the guy from Jimmy John's is a huge dick too but I can't remember why. Right now the sandwich world is looking into the world of junior dicks.

infinite zest
Oh yeah. He kills the big cats we love. Never eating a sandwich again!

Little kids go to RAW so they can watch John Cena. They deserve to be hit with doors.

His fans don't deserve to be assaulted by heels.

infinite zest
purrrrrrrrrrrr yabba doo

Brock's not a heel, he's a hero and a role model. It's not his fault if little kids don't realize it.

Remind me again, how many times did John Cena step into The Octagon? How many times did he beat Frank Mir and Randy Couture, in a real fight, like a real man?

What's the point? That you're capable of defeating a motionless, defenseless foe while wielding an axe? Good for you.
Do not mistake me for a defender of the abysmal entertainment the WWE presents, but honestly? People who don't like wrestling seem to feel this need to give it zero credit at all times.

This isn't even wrestling. It's a guy who might be wrestling if he wasn't busy showing his non-wrestling destructive skills on a car.

Let's just say that I'm rolling my eyes _really hard_ at your complaint with this video and leave it at that.

You missed the part where the car hit him with a folding chair when he had his back turned.

Caminante Nocturno
Oh! My car!!
should be a tag

Sandwich companies will sponsor anything.
Final Fight style, shitiots.
If you're going to be that pedantic, then it's not Final Fight either, because Brock is using an axe, and not a metal pipe.

Oh, my car!

There is a car destroying bonus stage in Street Fighter II. The music in this clip is the music from that stage.

The Street Fighter II bonus stage was based on the car destruction stage from Final Fight. While the music in this clip is accurate to the SFII incarnation, the use of weapons is not.

Assuming that the music was not present in the original broadcast, but rather added in later by the video uploader, the most likely scenario is that the WWE intended this spot as a non-specific allusion to something the writers had seen in a Capcom game. Another possible scenario (the one which I believe DriverStabby endorses) is that this was actually intended as homage to Final Fight, and the Youtube uploader, being unaware of the difference between Final Fight and Street Fighter, dubbed in the wrong music. This is a pretty good theory, but again, it raises the question of, why the axe? Why not a pipe? The final scenario, which is patently absurd but I'll include it here for the sake of completion, is that this spot was indeed intended to be a direct homage to Street Fighter, but either the writers and producers failed to fact-check before giving it the green-light (VERY unlikely, given the huge budget and degree of professionalism required by the WWE staff), or else the WWE was scared that Brock would be unable to destroy a car with nothing but his fists and Special Moves (even more unlikely, as Brock could easily destroy a car with his fireball projectiles alone).

It *could* be a reference to Grand Theft Auto. GTA has featured many axe-type weapons in the past. What's more, the actual of destruction of this car - a few dents, broken windows, and most tellingly, the torn-off rear door - is perfectly in keeping with the sort of melee damage dealt to cars in GTA, but far less extreme than the damage dealt in either Street Fighter or Final Fight.

{at this point, I was going to include some video clips to help illustrate my point, but while I can find Street Fighter and Final Fight car smashing clips quite easily, it's proving nearly impossible to find any non-modded, GTA, melee-attack-on-car videos. Hopefully you've played the games and know what I mean already}

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