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The Mothership - 2015-07-17

This is our POWER BALLAD. We invite you to feel the power.

Oh, and for the impatient, you will find their big hit at 53:49

Old_Zircon - 2015-07-17

I saw Spinal Tap on the Break Like the Wind tour, it was my first real rock show. It was mostly down hill from there.

infinite zest - 2015-07-17

Hair Metal got a Haircut.

My first rock concert was officially Bob Dylan and Tom Petty opening; my parents took me along in one of those baby backpacks. I'm gonna lose cred here but my first show I went to on my own was Gravity Kills because it was only 2 dollars as a radio station promo and my friends were going. :(

The Mothership - 2015-07-17

My first real concert beyond the symphony and city choir festivals was The Bobs, that Portland acapella mainstay. My dad taught music in the area and was homies with the people in The Bobs and Nu Shooz.

Has *anybody* here ever heard of The Bobs? I was raised on them but they are pretty obscure.

First rock show was Sonic Youth opening for R.E.M., then TMBG.

blue vein steel - 2015-07-18

My first concert w/ my parents i remember was Paul McCartney and Wings, probably around 93, i would have been 10 at the time. First show on my own was around 17, with a few friends to see a local grindcore band, Guyana Punchline, at a VFW hall

Old_Zircon - 2015-07-18

I should say my first rock concert I chose. My first rock concert I remember was Paul Revere and the Raiders playing free in front of Boston City Hall in the mid 80s. I remember three things:

-Paul Revere was staggering drunk and went on a long rant about how they covered and recorded Louie Louie first but the Kingsman's version was released before theirs and stole their thunder.

-Paul Revere said "I'm so fat I haven't seen my dick in years."

-The woman sitting in front of us had some kind of nasty, raw skin bumps on her elbows.

I don't remember it, but the first MOVIE I saw as an infant was an underground screening of Will Vinton shorts in a church basement someplace in 1978 or 1979, before Claymation became a big deal.

infinite zest - 2015-07-18

Holy Shit Mothership The Bobs! Yes I remember them very well. I saw a lot of shitty shows in high school that didn't reflect my own musical taste like AFI, Less Than Jake, shit like that mostly because girls liked it. Actually forget the "mostly" part. But I snuck out and saw bands like Pavement too. Secretly the only stuff I liked back then was Gwar's first tape and KMFDM's Angst, which broke my walkman at a swim meet.

Best decision my mom ever made was when I was like 13 when you could still buy tapes at the Thriftway to buy Soundgarden's Superunknown. This was right after Kurt Cobain and everyone was concerned about teenage suicide, and she found my tape under my pillow, with a track called "Like Suicide." She said I could exchange it for anything else besides something that fits into "grunge" so I got Beck Mellowgold. That one was just fine. We even listened to it together and "Motherfucker" and "Loser" didn't bother her, despite the "why don't you kill me" line. A few years later I'd discover that Beck is actually a distant cousin of mine! Thanks mom :)

infinite zest - 2015-07-18

Also Nu Shooz are great too. And Paul Revere and the Raiders. Pretty sure I saw them both before Gravity Kills in one capacity or another. I swear up and down that I'm doing this without any internet search help, but the story that I remember was "Louie Louie" by the Kingsmen got bigger just because he was at the dentist and couldn't really sing coherently, but the song predates both of them by like 10 years and its origins are in The Bahamas.. something like that.

Old_Zircon - 2015-07-18

Nu Shooz really are pretty great.

Oktay - 2015-07-18

BTW, which one is Big?

baleen - 2015-07-18

They have all had quite a lot of work done.
Just living that Corey Feldman dream.

15th - 2015-07-19

You'll need backstage passes to find out.

EvilHomer - 2015-07-18

Dumb & Dumber was a great movie.

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