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Desc:I did not know this was a show until just now. Just imagine the mysteries Cosby could solve!
Category:Crime, Horror
Tags:Bill Cosby, mystery, rape, horrible tv infinity, shows I never knew existed
Submitted:Rodents of Unusual Size
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infinite zest
Episode 1: The Case of the Missing Quaalude.

Episode 2 : Huggy Buggy on the Orient Express.

Maggot Brain
Episode 3: "G" is for GBH.

Episode 4: Cat on a Hot Tin Roofie.

Season finale: rapist dies wealthier than all of us combined.

That's a terrible name for an episode, it better be a two parter.

Rodents of Unusual Size
Episode 5: The Statute of Libations

Episode 6: Requiem for a Comedian That Was Never That Funny

Episode 7: Pilldozer!

Episode 8: 30 Years to Rapetown

Episode 9: Driving Miss Dizzy

Episode 10: Cliff's Magic Chicken

Rape, He Raped.

The One Where Bill Drugs And Rapes A Girl.

The Big Sleep

@boner: I believe that one's a rerun.

You know..., Bill Cosby isn't a very good actor.
Counterpoint: He acted well enough to fool America into thinking he was a lovable harmless funnyman.

Pointercount: fooling America isn't exactly a high bar.

don't trip on it.

Hegemony Cricket
Sock it to me?

5 for me not remembering Mos Def was in this show until I saw this intro again.
Yeah, they really spelled Mos Def wrong, though.

Yellow Lantern
Rita Moreno was still cute as hell, it seems
infinite zest
She'll always be Sister Peter Marie to me first and Anita second.. I wonder if Cosby got her too. Don't touch my Anita!

The Mothership

seriously, somebody find the Adam Sandler SNL bit where he does Cosby on the Cosby Mysteries.

Nevermind, I'm on this one.
'shows I never knew existed' needs to be linked. Everyone, check your old video posts (remember, only five tags show up at a time).
Sexy Duck Cop
Beat me to it.

I am not googling this because it's a waste of time, but I recall seeing ONE episode of this back in the day and the guy who played Balki on Perfect Strangers was the killer and he was oh-so-evil and the way that Cosby foiled him was by finding his fingerprints at a murder scene. The trick is that Balki forgot to wipe his prints off the BOTTOM of light switches (from when he turned them on), but wiped all the prints off the tops of the switches and this somehow proved he killed someone. The end.
I think I saw that one as well! Or... maybe it was another one. In that one the villain was caught because he wiped down everything in the room, but didn't wipe his fingerprints off the buttons in the elevator. It wasn't so much Cosby solving mysteries as pointing out the most circumstantial evidence possible.

My mom loved TV mystery shows and even gave shitty ones a chance and I remember she watched these for a few episodes. Basically Cosby Mysteries was like Columbo for retards. The murderer was generally revealed or very openly the murderer early on the episode so the trick was how Cosby would bust them, but unlike Columbo where the solutions were usually something interesting and clever, it was always some retarded little detail that no competent police work would have ever overlooked.

Caminante Nocturno
Well, that's another show ruined by Cosby's crimes, but at least I can still enjoy Picture Pages.
Cosby Mysteries was overshadowed by CBS shows such as Diagnosis: Sexual Assault and Rape, She Wrote.
Rodents of Unusual Size
Unraped Mysteries was always a fave.

Maaan, a couple months ago I was all innocent until proven guilty, accusations aren't convictions, due process, etc. Then the unsealed court filings came out.


Hannibal Burress is a hero, the women should have been listened to earlier, and the people like me who didn't listen have to do some rethinking.
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