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Desc:Air Bud, ancestor of the Buddies films, for Buddy fans
Category:Pets & Animals, Sports
Tags:dogs, Sports, golden retriever, another goddamn disney talking dog movie, Air Bud
Submitted:Boomer The Dog
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Comment count is 24
Boomer, I don't think it's such a good idea to be dedicating this video to DalHusky. DalHusky was not a very friendly dog; he wanted to -rape- the Air Buddies, which isn't very nice at all.

Anyway, like I barked before, this is a really neat video. I like how they trained him to play all those sports from the films! Did he ever actually make a basket for the movies, or did they just have him hit a ball, then edit the scene to make it look like the ball went in the basket?
Also, I think the tag you were looking for is " another goddamn disney talking dog movie "

http://www.poetv.com/tags.php?k-another%20goddamn%20disney%20t alking%20dog%20movie-45438-.html

Boomer The Dog
I don't really know Dalhusky, just have heard his name connected with the Buddies. If he was mean I probably stayed away. I'll look up Dal.

Yes, that's the tag I was thinking of, I even opened up another session of PoETV looking for some kind of tag cloud or area where I could see and copy the tags from, but couldn't find it. How do you guys do this, unless you're just that professional and remember all the tags.. :)

I did more checking and his airbud com site was wacky, so I read a bit on Wikipedia, and that may be Buddy 2, the original star had died in 1998, but had offspring who also played ball. The original Bud had been on Letterman, where I saw him for the first time, and played Comet in Full House for a number of years.

I was looking for his owner-trainer's bio, and especially his personal pages, but couldn't find much on him, except that there was a book on Air Bud put out in 2012, which was the year of the last big tour that they did. I might order that book.

Everything's gone to the Buddies movies lately, but hopefully Air Bud can come back again with a new movie.


Boomer The Dog
Okay, now I see it Homer, tags.php!

I remembered that tag because it was funny! I had to double check on DuckDuckGo, though - "poetv goddamn talking dog movie" turned up that tag page.

I'm guessing they're going to stick with the Buddies films. I haven't seen more than a few clips, but it stands to reason that the series about puppies would be more relatable to, and thus more popular with, the child demographic.

What I'd like got know is whether they're going to make "Puppies With a Blog" show ("Puppies With Vine"? "Puppies With Snapchat"?) Like, Stan gets with a poodle, they have a litter of talking puppies, and Avery, now in prep-school/college, has to keep the puppies hidden in her dorm room, away from the mean old Dean of Student Affairs, who hates puppies and also is allergic to them. The puppies spend a lot of time on the internet, and Stan quietly e-stalks their social media pages to make sure that they're behaving themselves. Every so often, Avery gets drunk and starts flashing Illuminati gang signs, at which point the Bloggies have to lock her in her room, pile into her clothes, and pretend to be her so that they can take the mid-term finals in her stead.

This thing pretty much writes itself!

Boomer The Dog
The puppies must have an appeal, being like a group of kid friends, no parent Dogs around, and the idea goes with the name Buddies too. Another thing is, supposedly they use several sets of pups to play the characters during the course of filming, because they grow fast and get too big for their roles. With adult Dogs, you'd get used to their looks and moves more, so they wouldn't be as easy to replace after so many movies.

That's a good idea, Puppies With Blogs.. :) They just have to do a spinoff with Stan's show, it's pretty popular. With puppies, it could be an even more hip show, though I guess Stan is pretty hip himself, having his blog, going to school sometimes, but if he has puppies, he'll turn into a dad, then he'll become boring. Right now, unattached, so he can be as young as he wants to be.. :)

You need to take stills from Dog With A Blog, find puppy pictures that look like they could be Stan's puppies, and make a 1:40 hour fan movie with completely your own story that you have written before you go off to summer camp for 4 days.

You can call your company Pit Boolean Pony Productions.


You know what, you're right, I should. I totally should.

Unfortunately, I am worried that I'd get cyber-bullied too much if I did that. :(

I'm allergic to golden retrievers, which is really sad. It's the only animal I'm allergic to.

It looks like he's capable of making a basket, a bit more than the trainer.
Boomer The Dog
He can make baskets, as other videos show, though I didn't see him make any in the sessions that day.

If you really want a Golden, you might see if you're not allergic to a Goldendoodle.


infinite zest
I knew somebody whose parents knew Air Bud's owners well and was at their house a lot in California. I'll see if I can bug her on FB for more info and see if she has any pictures.
Boomer The Dog
If she does, I'd like to see them! I can't bark I'm Buddy's number one fan or anything, not to the level that I like Here's Boomer, but I got to pet him as he was passing by after one of the showings, a brush with greatness.


Phew! I went to vote this up and it wasn't in the hopper, I was worried it was too late!
Boomer The Dog
Homer made me do it.. Nearly ten year old original video that's never been posted anywhere, and I suppose being that it was 2005, no one else had video cameras at the Camp that day, just a few still cams.

I think the guy in front of me could have taken videos, but I was hearing his camera snap, so I'm not sure. Think about this, 2005 is when Youtube started, and pocket video cameras were really new.


Faygo alert, 0:51
Boomer The Dog
I saw that Faygo, still one of the best cheap pops out there I think.

Boomer The Dog
Thanks for the sub too, cool to see your stuff.

Hell yeah, I noticed it too. Do they sell Faygo in your area, Boomer? There's like one dollar store I can find the stuff in around here, and that's it. Next to Orangina, it's probably the toughest non-craft soda for me to find.

The best part about Faygo is, it's not even really cheap! I mean, yes, it's inexpensive, but they actually use pretty quality ingredients, and it doesn't taste like your average cheap-o bullshit, RC Cola crap. It's just solid, quality soda without the designer-name markup. The root-beer is awesome - one of my favorite root-beers - and Rock n' Rye is the only cream soda I'll drink.

Boomer The Dog
Oh yeah, Pittsburgh Shop And Save stores have lots of Faygo, it seems like it's been around forever too, I remember as a younger pup that my aunt had it for get-togethers at her house. I don't know how many flavors there were then, I can think of the root beer, red pop and maybe cola, but then I wasn't the one buying it.

They have more flavors now, and I'll try to get a picture next time I go to that store. That film was from the camp, about a mile from me, so that's local Faygo. It is good, cheaper as in price, and you get a lot of flavors when you get tired of one.

I don't think I've ever seen Orangina here, but I'd get it if I saw it, just for the ads with Furries that I've seen, I really like the one with the black wolf traditional makeup, and the hyena at the office. Furries would love Orangina I'll bet.

What I'm looking for is a good birch beer, the copper colored soda. Long ago as a pup I had a type that so good, I don't know the brand, but after drinking root beer like AW that was too sweet, this stuff was better and you could taste the root more, instead of the sweet.

I really like cane sugar pop instead of anything with high fructose. Pop is a treat to me, I don't drink it all the time, but when my local Giant Eagle (I call it Beagle) store was carrying pop with cane sugar a few years back, I'd get a pack every time I went.


Boomer The Dog
Maybe you can find Faygo in your area with their store locator.


Foxon Park makes a good white birch beer; they're famous for it, in fact, and while I'm not usually a fan of birch myself, I have to admit that it is rather tasty! They use cane sugar, too, so perhaps that might be what you're looking for?

Only problem is, Foxon Park is a craft soda-ry. so it might be hard to find in your area. Wikipedia says that they're selling Foxon's as far away as California now, so maybe?

Official website, you can see the birch beer (which is their flagship product) in the center there:


You can buy a 12 pack for if you're so inclined; they also have a bunch of other flavours , including Irn-Bru! (Root Beer is the one I usually get, goes very well with pizza and Louis burgers. Not really a fan of their kola, however)

Surprised he lived that long.

Thought he would be found OD'd on beggin strips under a pile of unspayed bitches.
Boomer The Dog
.. in a limousine.

His bio says he was found homeless in the mountains in 1989, and died in 1998. 9-10 years is pretty typical for a larger breed I think.

Oh, that's actually sort of sad.

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