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Desc:Tchaikovsky with a back beat.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Advertisements
Tags:80s, horrible music infinity, ktel, hooked on classics
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Comment count is 12
I wish this is what the album sounded like.
Or maybe it does, I haven't actually listened to it. You can't even give them away.

It does sound like this, at least going by the version on youtube. Other than the tempo changing, it's the same beat the whole way through.

I'll have to dig up my copy and listen to it, I thought it was just straight classical music. I'm pretty sure the full set (something like 11 LPs) was.

I always assume K-Tel is repackaging existing material, I never expected them to rise to the level of a Drew's Famous Party Mix CD.

Yeah. I had this.

And yeah, that's what it sounded like.

My parents had this when I was a kid because they, for some reason, subscribed to the K-Tel shit (where you got albums or 8-tracks every month or so) and it is so fucking lazy that it is mindblowing. It's basically just the same beat for like an hour with various classical compositions pitch shifted to match the beat.

By far the best "modernizations" of classical stuff were Wendy Carlos' "Switched On" series.
infinite zest
I would've preferred this over my parents' PDQ Bach records.. :(

What do you have against PDQ Bach? Blasphemer!

infinite zest
I just think he's about as funny as Garrison Keillor..

Oh jesus PDQ Bach....

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