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Desc:A teenager steers the ship.
Category:General Station
Tags:90s, , star trek, DeForest Kelley
Submitted:Scrotum H. Vainglorious
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Nielsen sensors
infinite zest
I always thought it was weird how it's called "Next Generation" but takes place 85 years in the future.. is that how generations work? I mean, even Picard would have to be about 60 years old when TNG began to technically qualify as the generation after the original.. god I didn't even really watch Star Trek.

The Mothership
The women of Rigel 9 are more beautiful, everybody knows that.
"Stand by for a tour of Star Trek..."

Eh, whatever.


"Some things are as forbidden as crossing the Neutral Zone."

I will use this line at every opportunity.
Fuck you, Rick Berman!

I never got why the lights had be spread out over different shots.
Maybe to simulate the lack of diffusion in a vacuum?

Probably because each light is a different brightness and they wanted to be able to adjust it in post based on how it looked. It's way cheaper/easier/faster to recombine different shots than it is to have to reshoot, especially when you're doing it on film.

Tough American Bouncer
Episode costs how much?!
Two Jar Slave
This is corny and great. I'd like to think that DeForest's near-explicit old man ramble about holodeck sex was unscripted.
4:15 - come on, everyone knows Bones refuses to take the transporter!
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