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Desc:America no longer a christian nation
Category:Religious, Nature & Places
Tags:gay, Christian, america, Rick Wiles, offscreen orgasm
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Comment count is 6
infinite zest
The buckets of soup are still there.
So America is a cranky old lesbian who just got divorced and is looking for some action.

I finally understand what patriotism feels like.
infinite zest
It's funny because I'm pretty sure the Bible goes off on Adultery a lot, whereas it's just that one verse that says something about homosexuality. In the eyes of God, this guy's a dink for giving his wife so many second chances before she started liking pussy.

Caminante Nocturno
God couldn't satisfy his woman, and he's blaming everyone and everything but himself for it.
So true, time for Wiles and his buddies to move to South America.
infinite zest
If they can convince the Westboro people to come along, yes please! These people are an annoying amusement but the Westboro folks actually scare me, because with all the "peaceful" protests I could see one of them snapping and going apeshit on the counterprotesters, or a counterprotester fed up and going apeshit on them. Thanks 2nd amendment for keeping me up at night.

It reminds me of that old Mr. Show sketch about the new KKK: just take all the slackers and move them to Seattle and build a wall around it. What's wrong with building a big underground fallout shelter underneath the united states and just living down there, and anybody else who wants to join is free to come? Get some sunlamps and you wouldn't know the difference and then you can illegalize whatever you want. Plus you'll be ready when that rapture comes dudes. DO IT!

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