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Desc:'Permission to die, sir?'
Category:Science & Technology, Nature & Places
Tags:britain, tsunami, Tony Robinson, Baldrick, Time Team
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Community- Goldbluming
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Professor Milner my goodness! *thump thump*
That guy
Ah, I see you are a fan of PhD-level 'tang.

Rodents of Unusual Size
The idea of finding a headress made of antler skull from 6,000 BC makes me incredibly jealous of the person finding it. Keep in mind, jealousy is not something I often feel. But that's fucking phenomenal.
A few thoughts in no particular order:

Doggerland! That is a great name. I am imagining it as a lost kingdom of dogs. I know that is not how it *really* was, and I know too that none of it's inhabitants would have considered themselves to be Doggerlanders, but it is a fun mental image.

Also, being that it was just off the coast of modern Britain, perhaps the pun is not about dogs, but about dogging?

They make a point to mention global warming in conspicuously foreboding places, yet this global warming alarmism seems odd and out-of-place, particularly given the context in which it appears - the section was focused on a tsunami, caused not by climate change, but by seismic activity! Climate change does become a factor later in the narrative, with the gradual sinking of Doggerland beneath the North Sea... yet the warming which precipitated this flood was natural, not anthropogenic, so even here the alarmism feels forced. I know it's Channel 4, typical BBC behavior, etc etc, but it's still a shame to see an otherwise insightful documentary marred by clumsy attempts to lecture the proles on unrelated issues.

Baldrick is a great narrator, and I could listen to him narrate stuff for hours - in fact, I'd say that his presence alone accounts for about 83% of what makes this programme enjoyable! The only problem is, I keep expecting him to say "I've got a cunning plan", and when he does not, I feel uncomfortable and a little upset. There are a few episodes of Time Team where he discusses having a plan, but it is not common, and the reference is rarely (if ever) direct. I guess this is a good thing, since it would be unfair to reduce a fine actor like Mr Robinson to a thirty year-old catchphrase, but still. A dark, stupid part of me wants to hear him repeat stuff from Blackadder.
I didn't see anything particularly alarmist from the sea level discussion. They properly call the thousand-year scale climate change "climate change", and they don't a connection to today's antropogenic climate change. In fact, I don't think they even mention the modern era in the context of climate change.

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