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Desc:Illustrated audio from Nick Lane's "Life Ascending." An hour long but worth it.
Category:Educational, Nature & Places
Tags:SCIENCE!, abiogenesis, Nick Lane, alkaline hydrothermal vent, in the beginning
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Comment count is 9
That guy
I need to watch this when I have the time.
Unfortunately the source for this video stinks, and I'm having trouble finding a more credible source.
Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
This blew my mind! I knew nothing of the alkaline vents and the associated theory on the origins of life.
Its a captivating idea. Im getting a copy of this book!
Oscar Wildcat
I can even point to the part where the mind actually blows. The krebs cycle diagram. That little ouroboros kicks around and spins out us. humbling.

If you've a science background, I'd suggest his new book "The Vital Question", which offers more detail. I'm working my way through it now.

Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
@Wildcat, for me the point when my mind blew was when he described how the rock formed a bubbly structure of cell sized cavities through which the chemicals flowed. I had known about the problem of the first cells needing to be formed as a whole or else theyd be useless, ie. an entire working cell with cell walls, dna etc is no good if one element is missing and it was quandry how such a complex bit of kit could spontaneously form.
This bubbly rock structure seems like a plausible stopgap.
So perhaps the first living body formed like this thorough geological processes, our oldest ancestor was a rock!

Oscar Wildcat
It's remarkable how when you get to tinier organisms the barrier between the mineral and the living becomes hazy. Google the word Rusticle, for example. I'm not sure alkali vents are the Answer, but I like the direction and considerations that went into the idea. You've got to start with what's there, which is the dust of the earth. Just like that Jehovah cat.

This theory could be proven if world space agencies pulled their head out of useless Mars and aim for Europa, Io and other icy worlds which many have been proven to have liquid sub-surface oceans around their icy cores. Some to have been spotted with carbon compounds. Thus, most likely, underwater thermal vents like these.
Binro the Heretic
I thought life on Earth began when albino Doctor Manhattan drank a double espresso and dissolved in a waterfall?
Boomer The Dog
I don't know anything about Doctor Manhattan, but that's a funny description! You might get the idea that I'm big on surrealism.


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