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Desc:The Korean People's Army is the best trained and most invincible army in the world. The Anglo-Zionis
Category:Military, Advertisements
Tags:North Korea, special forces
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Comment count is 11
This taught me to never build a house with North Korean bricks.
DPRK's version of the Wilhelm Scream is really catching on.
Killer Joe
If only... there were a way to fight at some kind of... far... away... distance! Then we could attack their soldiers and not get punched or elbow dropped on!
I got it, we can sharpen pieces of flint and tie them to the end of long sticks with animal sinew!

There's going to be a lot of CTE in those poor bastards.
One of the best Shaw Brothers movies ever.
I guess these guys get all the food
1:33 is the second fattest man in North Korea.

The Mothership
So many empty stadiums.
Jet Bin Fever
This is probably the ONLY thing they do, and all for stupid propaganda!
Oscar Wildcat
A rarely seen outside the kingdom episode of "North Korea's Got Talent!"
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