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Desc:This character is a good test to see if you take video games too seriously
Category:Video Games, Sports
Tags:ass, wrestling, Street Fighter, Rainbow, tag team
Submitted:Killer Joe
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I wonder if she'll still do that little pose where she's on the ground and sticks out and grabs her ass cheeks after a combo, like she did in Alpha 3.

Speaking of which, I think this is the first time we've seen her since Alpha 3.
I always saw that animation as her rubbing her butt because she slammed it on the ground and it hurt. Also, yeah this is the only other game that's playable in.

SFV is the reason I'll buy a PS4. This is the only thing I've been interested in since Silent Hill got canned.

infinite zest
This does look like fun, and I'll admit that I don't have the best graphical eye, but this doesn't look much better than the last generation systems' SF games. It's kind of like Tekken 5 and Tekken 6 to me. I dunno, feel free to nail me to a cross if you like.


Yeah, graphically speaking it really doesn't look much better than SF4. Though I think that's more of a conscious design choice on Capcom's part than anything else.

Actually now that I think about it, there haven't been any fighting games this current new gen so far that had good graphics relative to what other genres have.

Mortal Kombat X is the only one I can think of that comes close to meeting the modern graphics standard of good.

Sweet, she does the Stunner. Maybe she even does the Attitude Adjustment.
kind of like if Steve had no nipples and wore a thong. i'll give it a pass.

il fiore bel

I bet that kind of defeat really stinks.
The only stink caused was when I came so hard I shit my pants.

I'm pretty sure that double butt attack was featured in a crumb comic at some point.

The realism of the lighting really emphasizes how nightmarishly deformed the character designs are. Not even Rob Liefeld could see that and not be creeped out.
Sanest Man Alive
I don't recognize her tag partner there, though. Also, is Mika supposed to be English? Because I honestly never would have guessed.

She's Japanese! Isn't it obvious?

>> I don't recognize her tag partner there, though. Also, is Mika supposed to be English?

I thought it was Reiko Hinamoto at first glance (how awesome would THAT be?!), but it's actually Mika's rarely-seen tag team partner, Yamato Nadeshiko! Also, Cena is correct: Rainbow Mika is Japanese. You're probably thinking of Cammy White, an English commando who is also blonde, pigtailed, and conspicuously well-assed.

I just hope Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon don't sue Mika for stealing their signature move. :(

Their signature move is class privilege.

No, I mean the Sugar-Lump Rump, that is their signature move. Class privilege is their core power, like how Akuma possesses the Satsui no Hado, or how Zangief draws his strength from wrestling bears.

The Sugar Lump Rump looks more like a taunt than a fighting move, I've never seen it in action. Anywho... why the hell do you like those two? You hate practically all earth ponies, yet you love the worst ones in the whole show.

I don't know where you got the idea that I hate earth ponies. Earth ponies are inherently the lamest of all pony races, but that doesn't mean I hate them, nor does it mean that I can't appreciate an earth pony if she manages to be good despite her handicap. Besides Diamond Tiara (I'm not a big fan of Silver Spoon), I also mark for the Spa Ponies, Pinkie Pie, Big Mac, Cheese Sandwich, Boysenberry, and Roxie. In fact, two of my MOST favoritest ponies, Maud Pie and Apple Fritter, are earths!

BBSLR is a taunt AND a fighting move. Think of it as a devastating MMA combo: they punch you high, punch you low, deliver a Muay Thai knee strike to the face, then crush your head between their butts. If you don't think that's effective, watch the clip above: Mika and her partner use it and it KOs *Balrog*!

Sanest Man Alive
I have to ask "is she English" because Capcom's typical nod to cultural distinctions in SF is "stick this person in a background based off some landmark or whatever the hell else we know about that nationality we dartboarded for them last week." Mika and her friend are powerbombing Spanish Basil Rathbone in a famous English rail station while an oompah band of Royal Guardsmen plays and gentlemen too dapper to exist in the presence of minorities scurry about, what else should I conclude?

A reasonable deduction, but the problem is, that's not her stage! Cammy, Dudley, Eagle, and Birdie are currently the only English Street Fighters.

(of those, two are dapper gentlemen, and one is a punk rocker)

I'd like her to strangle me between her thighs while she gushes girl cum in my face.

Fucking hell that's hot
il fiore bel

best sf character tied with oro
I'd like to try the game to see if the controls are similar to what I liked in Third Strike or Alpha 3.
double bubble butt head smash

Street Fighter is the only real video game experience I've ever known.
man those chicks have some huge hands
infinite zest
You know what they say about chicks with huge hands..

huge gloves?

More erotic prostate exams

Kid Fenris
Video games over-sexualize women, you say? Bosh! Flimshaw!
I blame pro wrestling...even the guys just prance around in nothing but speedos and ankle boots!

Wrestlers do NOT wear speedos. They wear trunks and they cover up a lot more than speedos do.

It depends on the wrestler. Speedos and ankle-boots were common in the olden days, but they fell out of style during the Attitude Era. I think the last wrestler who wore speedos with any kind of dignity was The Rock.

There needs to be enough tasty manflesh on show to appease the closet homosexual men.

You'd think so, oddeye, but you'd be wrong. Showing flesh is actually about objectification. Over-sexualize men, even just one, and you will stop looking at entertainers you'll never actually meet as full-featured human beings with lots of complex baggage that you need to deal with, and more like, I dunno, entertainers, whose job is simply to please you through escapism and fantasy.

The gay male gaze oppresses wrestlers.

The things you call "speedos" are what are called trunks, by wrestlers. Trunks are still worn by many popular wrestlers like Dolph Ziggler, Cesaro, and Sheamus.

infinite zest
For the most part, "speedos" as we imagine them aren't really the bikini crotch coverage and nothing more that they used to be. Most go down to the upper thigh, and some lower. Some pro swimmers even wear full "speedo" suits (which IMO is cheating since when I swam we had to shave our entire bodies if we wanted to improve our times)..

But yeah it's one of those brand associations, like Frisbee or Xerox. They might mean many different things according to the company, but I guess we still associate them with one particular thing, in Speedos' case, the banana hammock.

Jaguar Wong
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Sanest Man Alive
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In SF4 at a high level of play, no one ever uses Cody's knife. Cody's mechanic is he is a armed/disarmed character where he gets a new moveset based on if he has the Knife. The primary advantage of having the Knife is all his damage chips, usually only super moves chip.

So why do people not use the knife? His regular non-knife moveset is better. So past a certain point the knife is never used. Other games with characters that can get disarmed make the disarmed form weaker, but also have attacks that make you disarm yourself, so you can weaken yourself in the long term to get a bonus in the short term. Cody's knife represents what is wrong with the SF4 meta.

So what does all this say about SF4 over SF5? SF5 seems bolder. They actually seem like they are willing to make character designs which are unique enough so they can actually fit into a metagame dominated by picking the safest character possible and poking your opponent out. This by itself totally breaks that - mika can mix you up from beyond her normal range with the striker, or use it to break into your guard in safety.

I wait for the day Cody actually has a decision to make with what he's going to do with that knife.
i hope he sticks it up your fat asshole for taking a videogame seriously

Well, it's about damn time. R. Mika is the best Street Fighter, except maybe for Karin. Speaking of which, bring back Karin.

I think what works is that she's so over the top that she goes from being a sexy jiggle character to a parody of sexy jiggle characters. Her outfit is girly as hell (hearts and ruffles!) but she's a goddamn screaming pro wrestler whose moves are all strength-based. It's like if Sailor Moon ditched her wand and just started beating her enemies to death with a wrench.
Yeah, I like her too! Karin also. I wouldn't say they are the best Street Fighter (Sakura is the best) but they are very solid characters, and I'd love to see Karin make a return in particular!

I miss Karin as well.

The Japanese respect prowrestlers as fighters more than we do in the US. Even after Brock Lesnar people joke like wrestlers aren't legitamately tough. Many of Japans greatest fighters had been prowrestlers like Antonio Inoki, Sakuraba, Masahiko Kimura, and mentor to the Gracies and the true father of Brazillian Jujitsu Mitsuyo Meada.
So I love how they include wrestlers in most fighting games.
Sanest Man Alive
So SF now has a huge, traditional wrestler (Zangief), a crazy JP wrestler (Mika) and a scrappy luchador (Ramon). When are we getting the backyard wrestler who fights with lighter fluid, barbed wire and incompetent, self-destroying roof jumps? Oh man, I hope he'll be a Juggalo.

what about that oiled up turk or that french dude?

Hakan (the Turk) is a wrestler, but Abel (the Frencher) is an MMA fighter.

Miss Henson's 6th grade class
I'd never heard of her before and now have the weirdest boner. Most of the women I've dated could have beaten the tar out of me. Some of them would have enjoyed it.
Oh boy! The character nobody gave a shit about the first time around is back!
Also her face in the thumbnail is fucking godawful

Looks like Kim Jong Il

That guy
I take video games too seriously not to hate this for being dumb.
If SF5 going to be another one of those fighting games where they charge full price for less than half the normal character roster and features, then charge you more for the rest of the game?
Killer Joe
Interestingly, they said everything after the first purchase can be earned through playing. So I'm sure the 'earning' will be a terrible, FTP style grind (and can be skipped with a cash-purchase), and cosmetic items will be cash-only, it's kind of a nice idea.

My prediction: everything Killer Joe said, plus a Lives system that locks you out of playing after a certain number of losses, and will regenerate at the rate of one Life per hour, or immediately, with a microtransaction or Facebook action.

Two Jar Slave
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