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Desc:Physics whale.
Category:Pets & Animals, Sports
Tags:Orca, seal
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Comment count is 26
Shut up dude and just enjoy the majestic, indifferent cruelty of nature.
infinite zest
Yeah once the seal is broken the warranty's void anyway, so just enjoy what you got.

Corpus Delectable
***** for infinite zest.

Whoa, I didn't know they hunted like this.
Crab Mentality
Whales can be real jerks. Apparently, they really enjoy smacking seals high into the air.

Rodents of Unusual Size
Seals: the pinballs of the sea

I'm not convinced it's a seal; I think it is a SeaWorld Porpoise that used to leap out of the water for tourists and the whale was just helping it regain its porpoise in life.

Or maybe whales have invented a new sport they call "eeeeeekkikikiekkikikicheekiki" which in our primitive language translates to "Dolfing".

infinite zest
This isn't even "hunting," it's the Orca equivalent of a toddler throwing his spaghetti across the room just to see it go splat.

Oscar Wildcat
A local barn cat does this with the rodents that fall prey to his polydactyl catchers mitts. He winds up, and _vrrooom_ the hapless vole goes flying across the yard. Often the cat will himself flip in the air out of excitement and carryover from the pitch. I would much rather he just clobbered the little guys in one shot, but that's the problem with outsourcing the dirty work.

What do you expect? Its not like they have video games.

That guy
Because it can, not because it really needs to, when it could just bite one in half and be done with the kill.

In the related videos, I'm now watching an orca rescue.

5-6 people work 8 hours to rescue it, when it would toss any of them at least 85 feet in the air before devouring them. Makes you wonder if maybe we have too many mirror neurons or something.

I can show you the wooooooooorld!
No wonder they kill their trainers sometimes.
Who are the maniacs filming this?

infinite zest
Yeah in other videos it's the same thing. I guess I could see the thrill of capturing something on film that doesn't get filmed too often causing excitement, but you wouldn't have the same reaction to accidentally filming a car intentionally hitting a child, which is pretty much what this is like.

Depends who the child is, really.

infinite zest
If it was a child ORCA whale, but then we'd need underwater cars, fish police etc.

I guess maybe where these people are from they regard seals the same way we feel about deer around here. Mild hatred with a bit of hope to witness their spectacular demise

I would rather be punted 80 feet into the air then just unceremoniously get bitten in half and watch my entrails unfurl into the ocean in a cloud of blood.
Assholes of the ocean.

The orcas are kind of jerks, too.
Orcas are both jerks and assholes?

That guy
AND they're inconsiderate.

http://news.discovery.com/animals/whales-dolphins/orca-punts-seal- 80-feet-into-the-air-151028.htm

The strong male who punted the seal is named “T69C,” and was born in 1995. According to NOAA, orcas can live to be around 50–80 years old, so T696 is still very much in its prime.

Cetacean researcher Chris Parsons explained the seal tossing behavior to the Earth Touch News Network: “They don’t often eat the seals (after hitting them). But when they hit Dall’s porpoises, they do it to eviscerate them. They hit them so hard that their entrails pop out, which they leave behind after eating the muscle and blubber.”
Mister Yuck
"Got hit so hard his entrails popped out" would be a good obituary.

Seals get the predator they deserve, not the predator they need.
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