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Desc:Ham(m) week continues with a bear in a jeep.
Category:Fashion, Classic TV Clips
Tags:bears, 1970s, simpler times, ham week, hamms beer
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infinite zest
Ew.. people used to drop the tabs in their beer? 10 for the bear, minus 5 for unsanitary beerhavior.
From what I've heard, people actually just discarded their tabs on the ground. When flat top cans, requiring a church key, were replaced with tab tops, a huge litter problem was introduced. One of the reasons we have tabs attached to the can was the beverage industry's reaction to possible legislation to combat the litter problem. I'm guessing the commercial highlights dropping the tab into the beer can as a suggestion to not litter.

People also swallowed them. So it was also a safety issue.

It's no more unsanitary than drinking out of the can, really. And it's better than littering.

Killer Joe
You rinse off your can before you open it?
Cause those lumberjacks sure don't.

Killer Joe
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