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Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:ham, 30rock, Hayem, DFwan, Liz Lemon
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Comment count is 11
We need a clip where a tribesman from Papua New Guinea sees ham for the first time.
Yo we already discussed it. Bitches Aint Funny. Msyb you weren't at the meeting.
You're not even trying :(

Not with this one, no; but you have to admit, he nailed it with that "nigger" comment.

He's just saying naughty words. Cena is still best conservatroll.

Both valid points, Master Ashtar... but I ask you, ultimately, does it really matter? There are only two kinds of trolls: trolls that succeed, and trolls that fail. There is no such thing as a "not trying hard enough" troll (or even a "trying too hard", for that matter) - the amount of effort required for a successful troll, is precisely the amount of effort needed to illicit the reaction it got.

In other words, while it is certainly tempting to divide trolls into hierarchies based upon the aesthetic value of the troll-act, and the virtues (or lack thereof) embodied by the troll-artist, in the end, such hierarchies do not truly matter! If Mr Lahey can cause a veritable "shitstorm" of "libtard rage" by casually dropping a single naughty word into his post, then that is a good day's work for him. We should not diminish his accomplishments, merely because they fail to live up to some arbitrary academic "standard" of ours.

Cena is the Rembrandt of trolls; full of passion, complexity, subtly, and skill. But there's no reason JimmyBob Lahey can't be the Mark Rothko!

Troll; or troll not. There is no "try".

Jet Bin Fever
I liked the part when she said "ham."
Sexy Duck Cop
Five stars in every garage and a dick in every mouth
She may believe the Earth is flat, but she is definitely the best at saying "ham"
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