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Desc:That's right.
Category:Educational, Sports
Tags:fingers, turkey, finger fucking, necrobestiality
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infinite zest
Ew.. thanks for reminding me that I'll have to be storing a whole bunch of stuff like turkey and whatnot in my fridge this year because my parents' crapped out just in time for Thanksgiving. I know it's stupid but I don't like the idea that meat is so close to my veggie stuff, but it beats salmonella!
Reminds me of a class project I did with my friends in high school. It was an instructional cooking video. Basically this for 3-4 minutes, only straight- faced and slower....wish I had it. Also, I wish I paid better attention.
* more better attention

My coworkers at the health food store where I worked would be proud.they fingerfucked everything that was too rotten to sell but not rotten enough to trow against the back wall of the warehouse next door.
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