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Desc:Dad does a dad thing
Category:General Station
Tags:dads, Dad, GoPro
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Comment count is 13
infinite zest
4:18 Minutes Of Walking Through Las Vegas As A Dad
2nd-person perspective adventure story!
The Mothership
I love how he addresses his video to all ladies but only one man.

Also needs 'selfie stick' and 'yakkity sax' tags.
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
We are not Reddit.
We are not Buzzfeed.
infinite zest
We are Marshall

This is not my beautiful wife

What is the law?

Makes me glad I don't even know what the fuck that implies. My list of visited websites could be counted on one hand. Which is good, because about 2 of them require that the other hand be free to fully enjoy.

Gmork is soooo cool. Well I don't visit ANY websites, so there.

I am 2kewl4skewl.

At what point in a man's life does he lose his edge and become this? Will I even know when this happens to me? I hope not.

I'll mask my lament for the days I spent as a dangerous vagrant; I'll drown out my seething, all-encompassing rage and bitterness with suffocating desperation to "make the most" of my remaining pathetic years.

"If only I had died young" I will say "If only I had a heroes death while I was still relevent. People wouldn't remember me so shattered and feeble. If only I had died when someone, ANYONE still cared."

Then I will narrate my trip to Las Vegas with a GoPro ineptly facing the wrong way on the end of a stick. My aging stupidity and sheer anti-cool will be the only reason anyone notices.

My funeral will be a sparse and brief affair.
Villains get all the fame anyhow.

infinite zest
Eh.. besides the whole wealth and fame thing, I think I've done everything I wanted to do in life, and I'm only 33. If I had my druthers I'd live be living the life that Fedsmoker's living but I guess I've still got some responsibilities..

Your aspirations are meager and insignificant if you have managed to accomplish them within any number of lifetimes. Your goals are pale, little man.

Enjoy your worthless, hollow victory.

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