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Desc:just wait for the results to show up ...
Category:News & Politics, Classic TV Clips
Tags:george bush, fox news, April Fools, Poll
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I am Damo Suzuki
this is just...ugh
hilarious gaffe or liberal media plot?
You could sense the wave of dread washing over them when they actually looked at the results.
I think it's more sad than anything... those poor newscasters are illiterate. :(
Was that real awkward silence after Bush and Mel Gibson's names were said?
Polls are still open for the gays and Jews to get Mel Gibson into double figure!!! Yay-hey!!!
Mr. Quibble
That silence is the moment the anchors have to decide whether to be real journalists or hacks
There really should be a test like that to qualify as a journalist. You're put in a situation where the choices are to admit to being wrong, or just lie about blatantly visible facts. The choice between making a gaffe, or being a fraud. Anyone who picks the former gets to be a journalist. Everyone else gets to work for Fox News.

Mike Tyson?!
You can tell when they see the results on the monitors in the studio. Awesome.
I love that they actually pulled video of Spears to show before they realized the truth.
Mayberry Pancakes
"So, well, uh..."
Journalists? WTF are those?
Surely the results are the joke. Played on the newscasters? Or by them? I don't know.
Ahriman the Creepy Lurker
That silence is the sound of neurons shorting out.
Very sad that they don't even have enough sense of humour to laugh along. Someone was prolly fired.
hmmm. that's a pretty weak joke... but +3 for dissing bush
Rodents of Unusual Size
Yay for awkward silences! Up yours, spittlelickers!
Obviously evil internet gangs have have used viruses, or possibly email, to alter, or 'hack,' their poll results.
Pie Boy
That silence is where their psyches grapple with the evil conservative-bias chips in their brains and lose.
I love to hate everything as much as the next anonymous guy so I hate to poop on the Internet fun, but the results they are describing are from some independent group and the results on the chart we see are from their own little Internet poll from their website. I can't account for that little bit of awkward though. Probably the anchors doing a quick verification to see if they are being dense or not.

Of course, this is all moot if we all secretly noticed that and just wanted to mock for its own sake. In case of that, I apologize.
Killer Joe
Thanks for playing, bob.

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