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Desc:Yuggoth has never looked beter
Category:Science & Technology, Nature & Places
Tags:NASA, Space, pluto, hellscape, New Horizons
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infinite zest
I'd feel kind of bad if I was on the team working for Pluto. It's like that cousin at Thanksgiving who everybody says works in hollywood but he's just some Accounts Receivable guy at Universal or something.. Oh yeah, neat! Meet any celebrities? Nope just a lot of boring paperwork.
A couple months ago we didn't even know what Pluto looked like aside a fuzzy blob picture from a telescope.

For a planetary scientist, this is like working in Hollywood and fucking the hottest celebrity

Hellscape tag?
Oscar Wildcat
That looks incredible but without a scale I can't tell if I am looking at the grand canyons or the surface of a plutonian pebble.
That guy



Pluto looks like a ball sack.

Come on, we were all thinking it.
Sanest Man Alive
If that's what you think a ballsack looks like, you probably need to go to a hospital right now.

Anyway, it's more like if rhino skin could develop leprosy.

OK, it looks like The Thing's ball sack.

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