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Desc: staged ? maybe
Category:Video Games, Stunts
Tags:otaku, PS4
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Comment count is 15
The father's sweater alone earns 5 stars.

The only indication that this is staged is that the father's push knocked the son over. Otherwise, it seems like a legit act on behalf of a dad fed up with his son's video game habits.
blue vein steel
i actually thought the push was one of the realer looking parts

The push looked legit to me. The guy clearly has old man strength and the kid stopped fighting back from a quick realization of it, and filial deference.

infinite zest
This must've been what my parents felt like doing when they finally caved in and got us a NES. My grades didn't go down or anything but I was good at being quiet and would play all night after everybody went to bed, and I was falling asleep at school. Their solution? Take the controllers and hide them. My counter-solution? Borrow a friend's! I hid that shit better than I hid my weed.

There is a related video of the same thing happening to the kids PS3. Its pretty staged, but entertaining

infinite zest
Ha I remember that one.. for a second though I thought you meant it was the same guy. Staged or not smashing something doesn't really solve anything; my parents always threatened to take our toys to the Goodwill when we weren't doing our homework, which was every bit as intimidating to us.

No, there is another of this kid and this dad. I submitted it in the hopper now.

infinite zest
Although I wouldn't be able to tell you what a PS4 looked like or a PS3, and don't really speak Japanese.. it says PS4 in the other one too. Think it's just an old piece of some other rectangular black thing? Otherwise, oh Japan.

The PS3 is larger and more rounded in it's first generation model. The PS4 looks like a black eraser with a slant.

Oscar Wildcat
These new indie import Mario games are fantastic!
infinite zest
Heh this is like me every time I mention that I'm thinking of getting a next-gen console instead of a PC on here. If this is viral advertising then it worked for me!
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
This was hard hitting.
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