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Desc:Whoever laughs first loses.
Category:Military, Nature & Places
Tags:improv, mark wahlberg, Will Farrell, chinamaster, improve
Submitted:Sexy Duck Cop
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Comment count is 12
infinite zest
A few stars for the linked chinamaster tag, and for the misspelled "improv" tag. Are these tags an open letter to Hollywood or something? Also didn't Mark lose twice, or do British people not understand what laughter is because their comedy is mostly Ricky Gervais laughing at himself so much of the time it sounds like its own language at this point
will ferrell
infinite zest
Was he ever funny or was I just too young to know better during his early SNL days? I really can't remember now. It's kind of like Seth Rogan: his early stuff was funny because he was just "that guy" (no offense That guy) on the couch or something, so it felt kinda realistic compared to more off-the-wall humor, but now he's just that guy I could've had a conversation with for 2 hours instead of watching another shitty Rogan/Ferrell etc. vehicle, and I could smoke weed in there as well.

That was my problem with Rogan movies. The dialog was never funnier than any given conversation you could have with your friends at any moment. So why bother watching a movie at that point?

Doc Victor
Seth Rogen was incredible in Observe and Report, although I think that ultimate credit goes to the director...other than that he sucks. Looking down your nose at Will Ferrell is pretty fucking sad on your part fellas.

infinite zest
Yeah Observe and Report was a great unexpected movie, sort of like Lars and the Real Girl, which still had a Ryan Gosling trying to find his place in movies between heart-throb and serious actor, even though it sounded horrible on paper (and in the trailers.)

And likewise, Ferrell was great in Stranger Than Fiction as well as his recurring role on Eastbound and Down. Actually Rogan was great on that show too, for all two seconds of it, and The League. Maybe I've just seen that same trailer for Daddy's Home too many times.

Every comedian eventually reaches their sell-by date, where the misses start to outweigh the hits.

Ferrell's had some bad movies in the past, but his recent output includes Daddy's Home, Get Hard with Kevin Hart (alternative title Two Loud Guys) and that Lifetime movie (awful, and difficult to tell what the joke was supposed to be).

Ferrell's gone to the "play a guy who ends up screaming and flailing about" well a few too many times, I think.

infinite zest
Ha! I would've honestly gone to a movie called Two Loud Guys if I saw it up on the marquee, even if it was the same movie.

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Hey Mark, remember when you were a racist sack of shit?

Hey Mark, remember when you blinded that Vietnamese guy in one eye?
i'm with frank
the Vietnamese guy was already blind in that eye.

My favourite Marky-Mark moment was when he said that the people on United 93 weren't heroic enough and that if he were on the plane he would have rallied everyone behind him and overtaken the terrorists and then landed the plane safely.

There were four planes hijacked on September 11 and not only did he blame the passengers for a lack of heroism, he specifically targeted United 93.

Just a total fucking shitbag of a human being.

But imagine his Dirk Diggler character saying that while throwing fake karate punches and it becomes hilarious.

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