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Desc:2015 Nikon Small World in Motion Competition - First Place
Category:Science & Technology, Nature & Places
Tags:Trachelius ciliate, Campanella ciliate
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Comment count is 9
Robin Kestrel
It's a ciliate-eat-ciliate world out there.
infinite zest

Binro the Heretic
American Standard
infinite zest
Not a cat. Zero stars!
Four videos in a row today where no one took the s off https to make it http and thus playable when submitting.

You guys must have drank like a Putin on New Years.
I take that back, apparently the s has been added to all the videos, breaking every one on the front page.

Well played!

Sanest Man Alive
Protozoans eat, fuck and hug all at once. Marvels of efficiency, there.
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